Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Dozen

Linda over at 2nd Cup of Coffee is keeping all of us very busy lately. Yesterday we had our Favorite Fall Recipes and today is the Random Dozen. I just love random things...go figure. Go on over and check out all the other randomness!!

Here are my thoughts:

1. Candy corn: Your thoughts?

It is candy from the gods...I can't buy it or I will eat the entire bag and throw up...kind of like a goldfish with food. No self control when it comes to that little bit of candy heaven...Is that clear enough for you that I like it...ha ha.

2. Briefly, what was the first conversation you ever had with your spouse? (or best friend, if you're not married.) (Or someone significant, like your librarian.)

What if you married your librarian...oh never mind. The first conversation I had with my significant other was when I was sixteen and it went something like this "Like Hi". I am pretty sure that was the extent of it.

The first conversation I had with him 20 years later when we reconnected went a lot like this "Oh my gosh it's really you" "I can't believe you live in California" "Our brothers ran into each other in Iowa" "This is so crazy"

3. Could you ever become a vegetarian?

I was a vegan vegetarian (I just wrote veterinarian) for 2 years. I thought it was the most healthy way to live. It was SO hard...about as hard as giving up caffeine which I just recently had to do. I don't think the health benefits are worth it.

4. Have you ever dressed up your pet in a costume? current dog would TOTALLY be up for it as she is so tolerable. My daughter puts all kinds of stuff on her, but no "official" costume.

5. Name something about childhood that you miss (like Clark Bars, Teaberry Gum, Malibu Barbie, cracking fake eggs on people's heads with your fist and "It's the Great Pumpkin" airing only once a year).

I miss Saturday morning cartoons. Getting up early going down on the couch with a blanket and watching Grape Ape, Scooby Doo, Captain Caveman and ESPECIALLY Laugh Olympics.

tap tap tap is this mic on???

Did I lose you with those references??

6. Have you ever won a trophy? If not, what do you deserve a trophy for?

Can't say I ever won a trophy...I have won many singing competitions but all they gave me a certificate and probably misspelled my name...

7. When do you think is the appropriate time to begin playing Christmas music each year?

The day after Thanksgiving...along with the Christmas Starbucks cups...I am in full holiday mode!!

8. What's your favorite board game?

Balderdash. I love it so much because we used to play it with my late dad...well now he is my late dad...back then he was my now dad...anyway. He could sling the bologna (just had to sing the Oscar Meyer song to figure out how to spell bologna...ha ha). He was SO funny with all the silly but believable answers.


Do you know what Balderdash is? If not it is WAY past time to take a trip to Target and pick yourself up I mean seriously...go now.

9. How do you feel about surprises (receiving, not giving)?

Love surprises...hate being startled.

10. Is it easy for you to say, "I'm sorry?"

I am a diva so really not so easy...but I will do it...especially to my kids. They need to know it is OK to make mistakes and be forgiven.

11. What is your favorite candle scent?

Yankee Candle Buttercream Frosting...oh heaven to Betsy it smells good.

12. October is traditionally "open house" time in public schools. If you had a literal open house in your home (like a reception) what light snacks would you serve visitors and what would you show them (as in art projects, graded papers) that would uniquely represent you?

I would serve very homey she-she-foo-foo escargot, no caviar, and the like. Lots of warm dips and chips. Homemade cookies. M&M's. Comfort food. I would show them scrapbooks and pictures. That is what I am all about, family.

Well there you have it.

In summary: I need to work on the "I'm sorries", find my Buttercream Yankee Candle, eat some candy corn, while finishing my scrapbooks...

That would be a good plan if I wasn't 4 years behind on my scrapbooks...

More Later
-A Ro


  1. I loved your answers...congrats on winning the apron-that was you I think? I got the cartoon reference...reading these answers today is making me miss lots of things from my childhood.

    Oh, and I am so with you on the scrapbooking...I opened the closet with my pictures in it today and just shut the door. It is completely out of control!