Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat...Only Us Moms

Oh to be young again and be able to do silly things...

What possesses a young man of 3 years old to stick a hanger down his pants?

My sister in law told me that he was trying to be a monster...

My nephew Joseph is one of those kinda kids who has an amazing imagination and is always on the go thinking of crazy things. I know he sometimes gives my sister in law fits, but as my dad used to always say "It would be really easy to raise stupid kids...it's the smart ones who give you trouble" Joseph is definitely one of those smart ones. He is so entertaining to be around and he is just so very busy!!

My kids were like that too, but in very different ways. My son would go into his room for hours and just create. Create block structures and elaborate car towns. He would continue these for days on end. (Which when you accidentally clean one up always included a major melt down.) Our walks included walking around each and every car he came across, carefully looking and studying the tires. I could always tell that his little mind was always on the go, but in a very inward quiet way. On the other hand my daughters curiosity was a very outward kind. She was the kind of kid who would empty the entire Cheerios box on the floor, climb back into the tub completely dressed while the tub was draining, and pull every last Kleenex out of the box. She was very curious in an exploratory way. When we went on walks she would always find "treasures" on the way and it took me finding these "treasures" in my lint trap before I decided maybe we should carry a bucket on our walks. Even to this day she is always asking me "Hey, you done with that, can I have it?" Creativity to me is such a refreshing trait to have.

My dad was a very wise man, he taught me that if you had to teach a child how to play with a toy it wasn't a toy...

...he also taught me that if only I could just get the screws out of my dirt devil canister vacuum I could fix it....

...oh wait that was my own idea.

And a very very Happy Birthday to my nephew Joseph...thanks for being such a special little boy!!!

More Later

-A Ro

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