Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

OK the truth is that I had a Fit Fare Friday all planned out. I was going to do Asian Beef Rolls. I liked this recipe even though I failed terribly at the Roll part of Asian Beef Rolls. I decided however to keep the pictures and blog about it anyway, cause just because they didn't roll, per say, I was still able to salvage the recipe and it was very good....even without the rolling part (which I now know why they didn't roll and I am pretty sure that I could get them to roll the next time).

Quite frankly life isn't all about perfection it is about perseverance. Yeah, yeah...that sounds good...real good.
Any way it is only fitting that all of my pictures of the failed Asian Beef Rolls are down on the other computer and not on the computer that I am currently working on. It is 20 minutes before I have to go to bed and I am just not in the mood to go downstairs, kick my son off of the other computer and blog down there.

Call me lazy...go ahead...I dare you...

Truth be told is I am lazy tonight. I am down right bone tired. I have had two of the longest days in my life and tomorrow is Middle School Back to School Night and I have to be at work until around 9:00 pm. So you all (all 10 of you) are going to have to wait until the weekend for failed Asian Beef Rolls.
But I'll leave you with this picture. It makes me happy. It should make you happy.
...all 10 of you.
More later
-A Ro

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