Friday, October 9, 2009

Ramblings of a Crazy Person

I visited and participated in 2nd Cups Random Dozen Meme. Her last question got me a thinkin'. The last question was name something you are trying to control. I, of course, instantly went to my weight. Now here is where I struggle. I am a healthy person. I have a very low resting pulse. I have great blood pressure and good cholesterol. I exercise everyday and my diet is pretty good. However I am constantly thinking about my weight. I have a man in my life who loves me for who I am and thinks I am beautiful just the way I am. Why do we as a society do this to ourselves??

I read an article today about a country where they force feed their girls about 16,000 calories a day so that they are fat. The men in this country love their women plump. The "camps" these parents send their girls to to fatten them up so that they will be able to attract a man are torturous and abusive. I was appalled at what this society accepted as OK behavior and views. I then got to thinking about us. We don't force our children to go on strict diets, but we as a society strongly encourage it. Whether intentionally or not it is happening. We "say" it is because we want to be healthy and not just skinny, but I would venture to say that we as a society don't particularly promote a healthy lifestyle either. So our young girls see commercials where the skinnier the model the better and then the next commercial is of a super size meal, followed by an ad for diet pills.

I am a product of this society and a contributor. My kids think that I am just fine. They think I am a perfect weight. However I am constantly weighing my food, I am constantly working out, I am constantly turning down dessert...What kind of message am I sending my daughter??

I need to find the balance between being healthy and being happy and I hope one day my daughter will too.

Now where did I put my therapist's phone number???

More Later

-A Ro


  1. Amy, this is great stuff to think about. I could've written the post, except I wouldn't have been so articulate. I'm glad the question got you to thinking. I haven't been around to see people's answers yet, but I'm glad I got here! (Why did I randomly choose to come here today?)

  2. Boy I sure grew up with those mixed messages! My Mom used to say "you'd be so pretty if you just lost 10 pounds." And then she'd take me out for Shoney's hot fudge cake. Sigh. It's hard to get past years of that conditioning...