Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa John!!

Today is Grandpa John's Birthday.  Now Grandpa John was Grandpa John for about 5 years while Andrew was little.  Then suddenly he became Papa.  Now I don't know if it was the twins doing or Tyler's doing, but he is now known as Papa, but to my kids he will always be Grandpa John.

Either way he is loved!!

The following pictures are in order of Grandchild appearance...and if you'll notice, Grandpa John doesn't age one bit!!

First there was my Boo.  Man my little guy loves his Grandpa John, and still does.  Grandpa let him ride the tractor, and drive the golf cart (he is much better at it now, and probably scares Grandpa a little less...maybe).  They love playing golf together now and it is such a wonderful thing to see them together.

My Bella was the grouchy baby, but she loved her Grandpa John.  Something about his beard fascinates all the grandkids.

Then came the twins.  If two little girls have one grown man wrapped around their fingers it is these two.  He adores those little ladies.

Tyler also loves his Papa.  They do so much together because Tyler loves to come to Nana and Papa's house.
Then there is JoJo.  Talk about a kid who loves his Papa.  Whenever he sees Nana he always asks "Where's Papa?"  She has come to accept it.
When Sami slows down enough she usually ends up in Papa's lap. 

Abby will soon figure out what all the other Grand kid have...that Papa's the best Grandpa ever.

The best part about Grandpa John is that, with the exception of the twins, we are not even blood related.  My dad thanks you for taking such good care of his kids and grand kids...he knew how special you are and we do too.

I mean c'mon how many grandpas get turned into a Halloween Pumpkin...
...yep just you Grandpa John.

Thanks and Happy Birthday!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. This was sweet...happy birthday to Grandpa John! My mom was mema for all the now grown up girl cousins lives. My sister has a 4 year old who calls her mimi so suddenly she's changed her name to mimi. She's still mema in my house though!

  2. Happy Birthday to Grandpa John :)