Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesdays

I write this today as I am battling a cold, training for a 10K, had a less than productive rehearsal due to absences, and tripped up the stairs on my way to get a much needed Starbucks during lunch.

Yeah.  Good times.

1.  Why do I feel like Snow White while running this morning?  #bunniesandsquirrelsaremynewbffs  OR #bunniesandsquirrelsscaredthecrapoutofmenumeroustimes

2.  Why does the last two uphill miles of my route had to be accompanied by a strong head wind this morning?  #thatwhichdoesnotkillyoumakesyoustronger?

3.  Why does everyone you come across at 4:30 am look mean and dangerous?  #darkandshadowyneedisaymore

4.  Why am I running this 10K again?  #ohyeahthegluttonforpunishmentsexything

5.  Why did my Bella almost foul out of her second ever 5th grade basketball game?  #reallyhasnoideawhatispermittedandwhatisnt  OR #sheisaroughandtumblegogetter

6.  Why did me and said basketball go getter squeal with delight when we watched this video?


7.  Why is it not so embarrassing anymore when I trip and fall?  #thereisareasonwhymynameisnotgrace

8.  Why am I dreading the end of this week?  #writingonehundredorsofirstquartercomments

9.  Why do I think that me and my four year old nephew Jo Jo could talk on the phone for hours?  #heandibothalwayshavealottosay

10.  Why am I looking forward to going home?  #walkinginthedoorto"hellobeautiful"

I really do love my life.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I admire your determination and devotion to running at 4:30 am. I would like to say it is the dark hills filled with creatures that keep me from doing that but its more the comfy warmth of my bed that keeps me home.

  2. I had a head wind this afternoon while I was going uphill and it was just about the last straw.

    Remind me why we're doing this?