Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday...A List

Many apologies for the double post...just couldn't let all the typos go.  Thank God I am not an English teacher...if you are an English teacher please refrain...

Thank you. 

This post is for myself.  I needed to remind myself of some blessings.

1.  I am so blessed because when I went into Bella's bedroom to wake her up this morning she says in a sleepy voice " are the best mama in the whole wide world"

2.  I am so blessed that my Sixth Grade Chorus class acted and sang like little angels...all 40 of them...when my principal came into to observe me yesterday.

3.  I am so blessed to have Rich home after his trip and to see the look of joy and love on his face when he walked in the door.

4.  I am so blessed to know that without a shadow of a doubt that my life with Rich is perfect...even when it isn't.

5. I am so blessed to have the following picture in my in box.
My goodness I miss them.

6.  I am so blessed to have a sister that sends me such a sweet (break your heart) pictures of my Abby.

My goodness how I miss her.

7. I am so blessed that I have a nephew as cute as he is even without most of his teeth!!
My goodness how I miss him.

8.  I am so blessed to have smart, talented kids (and step kids), who sometimes just need to be reminded of how wonderful they are.  They are destined for great things and I hope that they always know that we are always behind them and will support them through anything that comes their way. 

9.  I am so blessed to have a husband who knows me so well, loves me unconditionally, and is truly my partner in everything.  The way it should be.

10.  I am so blessed with knowing the truth, and that justice and the good guys always prevail in the end.  God knows the hearts of men (and women), and his judgment day will come.  Thankfully. 

11.  I am blessed to have blog readers who don't mind a little sap every now and then.  Thanks for indulging me.  Have a Great Weekend.

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. I'm a fan of sap : ) Counting our blessings is always a good thing. Hope you have a nice week!