Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday JoJo

I know...I know... my family likes October birthdays!!  It just shows how Spooky we are!!

Today is my nephew Joseph's birthday.  He is four.  He is getting too big.  He needs to stop.

He was just tiny in this picture...seriously, look how tiny he was.

I love this picture of my brother Greg.  You see, Joseph was supposed to be Josephine...this is Greg letting everyone know that we need to repaint the bedroom.  Truth be told...Joseph is still surprising all of us.

They are such a sweet and amazing family.

Joseph is a very sweet and amazing little guy.
He sure does love his Nana.
And has a real soft spot for his Grandpa Frank.
Boy does this cuddle bug love his mama.
...and his daddy.

He does have some favorite Aunts hanging around.
...his Aunt Sasha (Stacia)

Then there is his Aunt Kate (I wonder if he actually calls her Aunt Cake, like my kids did??
...and of course his favorite aunt (in California)

He is just a lovable little guy...right Sami!!

We know who he will be rooting for thanks to his daddy...DA BEARS!! (Now if they could only get rid of Jake Cutler...oh nevermind)

He sure does love his puppy...Elvis.  Then again I know a little girl who loved Elvis a lot too!!

Too bad this kid doesn't take any good pictures...geez.
This a rare picture of this guy actually sleeping...and he is still cute.  Don't let him fool you, it is called recharging batteries!!
 He never makes a mess...
...nah...not JoJo.
He knows how to upstage a great picture...notice who's in the background.
And breaks my heart.  TWO cute boys...what are you trying to do to me???

JoJo is a sweet, energetic, loving, cuddly boy who really knows how to put together an outfit.  He keeps some of us on our toes, amazes most of us, and keeps us all laughing.  He is a miracle and I love him oh so much

But just a small piece of advice...
...don't you ever let hm catch you washing his isn't pretty.

Happy Birthday Joseph!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. oh my heart. simply precious. yes, we must sneak the lovies away when washing is a must, as to avoid tears. ;)

  2. ummm... that's me above. not sure why that happened. so much for anonymity. ha.

  3. Oh, how cute all of those pictures are! Especially the last one...breaks my heart!

  4. He's so adorable! Happy Birthday Jojo