Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Purge - Bad News Good News

Bad News:  Weekend without kids
Good News:  Weekend without kids

(those of you who share custody know exactly what I mean)

Good News:  The two of us cooking dinner at home on Friday night, we really enjoy cooking together.
Bad News:  We are out own wait staff...and we aren't good tippers

Bad News:  Having to run out to get sweet sixteen birthday present.
Good News:  Getting to sip coffee outside on a crisp evening, with some wonderful adult conversation.
Bad News:  Dealing with teenage kids "hanging out" screaming and running around.
Good News:  Thankful that my kids aren't like that.
Bad News:   Realizing that the jury might still be out on one of my kids.

Good News:  No where to be Saturday morning.
Bad News:  Had to clean the bathrooms.
Good News:  Two working together got it done quickly

Bad News:  Grocery shopping on the agenda
Good News:  Married to a man that enjoys hanging out with me at the grocery store, pushing the cart, AND carrying the bags.

Bad News:  Rich had to work Saturday night
Good News:  Decided to pull out scrapbooking
Bad News:  Seemed a little unorganized and 5 years behind
Good News:  Had all my CD's in order ready to download to Shutterfly to order pictures
Bad News:  Shutterfly website.
Good News:  Had some pictures to work with
Bad News:  Needed a trip to Michael's
Good News:  Got to go to Michael's
Bad News:  Got distracted at Michael's
Good News:  Actually got started
Bad News:  Only finished one page
Good News:  Got to take a peek back in time and notice how cute and little my kidlets were.
Bad News:  Realized that they are growing up too quickly.

Good News:  Got to see Andrew's baseball game on Sunday.
Bad News:  Andrew pitched.
Good News:  Andrew pitched really good.
Bad News:  They are grooming him to be a pitcher this fall.
Good News:  He loves that idea.
Bad News:  I hate this idea.
Good News:  I have 5 months to stock up on the Pepto

Good News:  Had a wonderful weekend doing nothing extraordinary.
Bad News:  5 more days until I get to do it again.

More later

- A Ro


  1. This was so funny! I know what you mean about the pitcher ordeal. I don't know how moms of pitchers do it; I was nervous enough for them when my kid was in the outfield!

  2. Love the good news/bad news! I remember when my brother pitched - it was fairly nervewracking for me too.