Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's That Abby??

Today is Abby's first birthday.
Isn't she just the sweetest thing??

I have picked my favorite pictures to celebrate my favorite red headed girl's birthday, and because I love the cheesy captioned pictures I have added a few captions.  I know so clever.

But I'm warning you right now, this blog is full of very cute pictures.  If you choose to continue, get ready for your heart to break into a million pieces.

I warned you.

 "Dude...I got my picture taken with Andrew!!"

"Mom, I'm showing Bella how to make this thing sing...see"
"JoJo, is that really you?"

"I love you Max"

"My Momma's the BEST!!"

"Hey this thing PLASTIC??"

 "Hey Papa, could you just bring Tucker a little closer please I need to grab his ears"

"I'm sorry Uncle Ryan...I'm just not happy"

"Ah...Aunt Stacia"

"Uh Mom did you want me to download it to the hard drive, to the desktop, or just erase everything?"

 "I love just being one of the girls"

"Uh Mom, you sure about this?"
 "Uh Mom, you sure about this?"

"Hey UG, I got one of those too!!"

"Oooh Mom that's a bright light"

"I know...cute huh"

"Whatcha talkin' about JoJo??"

"Dahdah..wha deh you puh on yah fath...yuhm?"
"Nah...Aunt Amy won't mind that I am stealing her show"


"I love my family"

I will now try to put all the pieces of my heart back together...I love you Abby and Happy Birthday!!

More Later

- A Ro

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