Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Really Random, Random Dozen

It is time for the Random Dozen with questions written by a Random Dozen of 2nd Cup readers.  Click on the above button and link up your own answers, or just head over to read some other blogs...Don't forget to leave a comment.

1. From "Men Are Dumb ....": If you had a theme song that played whenever you walked into a room full of people, what would it be?
Boy a tough one to start off...hang on while I scan my ipod.

Ok...Got one.

I,like my Dad, love to be around people and really, if I do say so myself, bring a lot of fun to a party.  

2. From Pam of "Alert And Oriented x 4": Which of your shoes are your absolute favorite, and which are of the object of your most painful shoe-buyer's remorse?
I cannot pick just one pair.  Just can't.  However, shoe-buyer's remorse does happen now and again when you have as many pairs as I do.  My most remorseful purchases are ones that I realize are too big for me just after I wear them enough to not be able to take them back.  I know very silly. 

3. From Susanne of "Living to Tell the Story": Tell about your favorite birthday celebration that you've personally experienced.
I have to tell you a very sad tale.  I cannot remember one of my birthday parties that I have had.  I was cursed with a summer birthday...this means no friends around and usually no big parties.  I am sure that my Mom would disagree with me just as I will when both of my summer birthday kids whine about their lack of big parties.  I know that they don't get too many big parties...it is just the fact.  Summer birthdays stink.  Now that I am older and have my birthday towards the last day of camp I am blessed with a little bigger of a celebration.  I love my campers and colleagues they always make me feel special on my birthday.

4. From Lori of "Just me and My Life": If you were a flavor of ice cream, which would you be?
Butter Pecan...sweet and a little nutty

5. Cindy Swanson of "Notes in the Key of Life" asks: Have you ever had a crush on a movie star? Who was it, and are you still crushing?
Not to be confused with my very young crush on a rocker...Sean Cassidy complete with Sean Cassidy jeans...

...yep Sean Cassidy jeans.

But my biggest crush on a movie star would have to be Christopher Atkins.  I was in Middle School when I was crushing on him.  It was not the Blue Lagoon Christopher Atkins because I was too young to watch that movie (blush).  It was the Pirates Movie (Based on Pirates of Penzance) Christopher Atkins.
He sang, he acted, he looked amazing...I remember listening to the sound track over and over and getting to see the movie and swooning.

No not still crushing.

6. Jill from "Jill Boyd's Place" inquires: Glasses or braces--if you had to wear one, which would it be?
Been there done that, in fact at the same time.  Now I still wear glasses (contacts) and glasses would have to be the answer still.  The tin grin is no longer in.

7. Nel from "Fasteneau Facts" asks: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would choose to live in Iowa.  I know that sounds so lame, but I miss all the people who live there.  I know Rich would like to be there too so we could work on our relationship with his kids.  I'd like to visit a whole lot of other "worldly" places, but Iowa is where I want to live.

8. Thena from "Patiently Waiting" wants to know: If money were no obstacle, what would be the perfect birthday gift to receive?
A shiny new car.  Doesn't have to be red or have a big bow, just new and shiny.

9. From "Life Through Bifocals," LynnMarie asks: What is your favorite birthday meal?
Italian food and white cake with butter cream frosting, and my birthday is a long way away...sigh

10. Debby at "Just Breathe" checks in with: Do you still send hand-written thank you notes?
Not as many as I should.  I still think that is the way to go, but sadly don't get there very often...sigh

11. Linda from "Mocha with Linda" poses this question: What is something you've done that you never thought you'd do?
Run a 10K.  Before January of 2009 I thought that the only way I ever run was if someone were chasing me.  Then I just decided that I really wanted to run a 10K and started training.  (Where that came from I'll never really know) and in April 2009 I ran my first 10K in just under 1 hour. 

12. Jewel, my homegirl from Indiana who writes at "Musings from the World of Jewel," is very insistent that we answer this: Mount Rushmore honors four US Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. If you could add any person to Mount Rushmore, who would you add and why?
hmmmm...what is the rule about discussing religion and politics???  I think I would have to say JFK.  Despite the rumored? affairs he was a good president and taken way to young.

In Summary:  Wow...birthday bummers, but the new car and white cake with butter cream frosting is just around the corner...right??  Every birthday I am always very thankful that I have had another year on this earth to buy shoes that are too big for me, run 10K's, and wish for closer relationships.  However, no matter how small the party I am always ready to have a "Celebration" complete with theme song.  And I promise if I get that new and shiny car I will write a handwritten thank you note, but I bet JFK will be on Mt. Rushmore before that happens...sigh.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I thought about JFK too. He was the only one who really came to mind...of course then I just gave a great non-answer ;)

    Nice to meet you through RD!

  2. Oh! I love the Summary!!! And I miss my midwest roots, too...

  3. Oh...Christopher Atkins and Sean Cassidy!! Girl, we grew up in the same decade!!!! Had Sean's record...the one of him behind the plastic wrap. Hot, hot, hot (not). heehee

    Embarrassingly enough, my mom watched The Blue Lagoon WITH us. Seriously. I think I'm scarred for life.

    Oh, and running the 10K? You go girl! I am still getting up the nerve to do a 5k!

  4. I always love your answers and your summary always cracks me up.
    until next time... nel

  5. I have a couple of similar shoe regrets...I love them in the store but then they slip once I get them home. Ugh.

    #7...there are lots of beautiful places in this world but home is still where the heart is : )

  6. Good for you for taking the 10K goal by the horns and going for it. Must have felt great accomplishing that goal.

    I love shoes too and had a hard time picking out one.

  7. Don't get too many people choosing Iowa, huh? I'm enjoying seeing what flavor of ice cream everybody is choosing.

  8. I asked for a car too! :)

    Also, I never got big b-day celebrations because my birthday falls in December. So I feel your pain!

    Enjoye your answers. :)

  9. 10K! I'm so impressed...but also way older than you as I was already married when Blue Lagoon came out. Nice answers!

  10. Fun answers. Love butter pecan, too!

  11. I wanted to buy a new pair of shoes today but was shopping with the wrong person.

    A girlfriend would have said "BUY THEM!" but my 11 year old said, "Uh, Mom? Those look a little weird."


  12. Love your answers as usual - you're just so funny!