Monday, October 25, 2010

Project 365 Week 43

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Bella and I were baking all seriously ALL WEEKEND.  Just ask Rich.  He is just the best.  Not only does he put up with all the baking he even picks up the slack.  He probably would have done this post too!!

Anyway here is my wonderful week:


Hello Old Friends

It rained all week here in sunny Southern California.  So I dug out my boots, raincoat, and umbrella.  They haven't seen much action so far this year, but this week more than made up for it.


 Rainy Days and Mondays

They really don't get me down.  Truth be told, I love this kind of weather.  It was so neat to sit at soccer this afternoon and watch the sky and the scenery.  Loved it.

Toto, Are We in Kansas??

Tried to capture the ominous sky today.  It was actually thundering and lightening.  Yes...crazy. (I liked it a lot)


Bella Bella Are You OK???

Bella's foot has been bugging her so we went to the Doc today.  It is just overuse and growing pains.  I mean soccer, basketball AND think??

The Sun Might Come Out Tomorrow

Annie is in full swing with two weeks left to go.  YIKES.  They are so cute and doing such a good job.


Only with regards to caloric intake.  We made cake pops tonight.  YUM!!

Handy Man

I have the handiest husband.  I told him what I really needed to make my sugar cookies right and while I was at rehearsal Saturday morning he made me this.  It worked like a charm and I rolled out my cookies to exactly 1/4 inch.

In Summary:  I got some much needed "Iowa" weather this week.  Thunderstorms and all!!  I am now done with "Iowa" weather and would like some "California weather"!!!  Did nothing but bake this weekend and really enjoyed it.  Thanks to my wonderful husband who helped in so many ways.  And as far as those growing pains Bella is having, just stop growing Bella!!!


  1. 1. I MUST MAKE THOSE CAKE POPS!!!! Are they hard? How did you do the faces?

    2. I have never owned a pair of rain boots.

  2. Cake pops... sugar cookies... drool... OK, done now.

    Love your rain boots. I used to have some back in the day, but here in Ohio the rain is usually in the winter & it's too cold for rain boots. I'm glad YOU got some rain - we are SO parched. I hope Bella's foot pain eases up.

  3. Those boots are too cute! And those cake pops!

  4. Toatlly awesome boots!

    I love thunderstorms. Hope Bellas foot feels better soon.

  5. Glad there is nothing wrong with her foot...although growing pains and over use hurts bad enough. I love a good storm and rain too. Love the cake pops. So cute.

  6. those cake pops are so cute!!!

    very glad there is nothing serious wrong with your girls foot!

    we had tornadoes here last night....dong' like those!

  7. A true mid-westerner missing the rain and storms! I love the contrast of the dark blue of the sky and the green of the field!
    Your rainboots rock!! I have always wanted some but just have never thought they would be practical.
    Glad Bella doesn't have something serious!
    Cake pops=LOVE!!
    Have a super week!!

  8. We always sing and dance when it rains here too...doesn't happen very oftn, but we love it! Those cake pops look yummy! Hope Bella's foot feels better soon...Brendan has a foot like that time to rest so it still hurts. Have a great week. Oh Annie is one of my favs!

  9. I'm like you. Rainy days are wonderful!! Especially if you get to sleep in...

    Growing pains (and overuse). I know about those!! I had those all the time as a child...and I still get the same pains now when I'm extra, extra tired.

    Gotta love Annie.

    Oh, my goodness! I love your cookie rolling doo-dad!! I could make good use out of one of those!! Very clever.