Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Purge

Well my weekend purge is definitely that.

Friday started with Rich having to work late...really late.  I had all these big plans.  I was going to finish writing college recommendations for my students, work on mid quarter progress reports, get monthly meal plans going, and work on my niece Abby's birthday blog.  I know big plans.  Well I got the blog done and my meal plans done, but that is it.  Rich actually got home sooner than he thought so that was a nice surprise, not getting everything done...not so nice.

Saturday started with a run and a middle school musical rehearsal.  Moved into a sweltering hot soccer game, and ended with grocery shopping and cleaning. Yeah that is usually the way I spend my Saturday nights, but Rich and I enjoy doing all that together.

Sunday was laundry and baseball.  It was a much nicer day at only about 80 degrees, but I was sitting in the shade enjoying the game while my boy was actually playing in it, he might have disagreed on the "nicer" part of the nicer day.  What I enjoyed most was the car ride from baseball to his orchestra rehearsal.  He quickly realized that the odor he was emitting was not the best, but he forgot to pack his deodorant.  We decided that if he left his uniform on, his smell would be more forgiving, but if he decided to change his clothes he needed to use Bella's powder fresh scent deodorant that was in her school gym bag because being in "normal" clothes with BO would not be so forgiving.  He decided to use her deodorant. So we, in the take any opportunity to rib Andrew, spent the rest of the car ride calling him "miss" and "sweetheart".  For instance we drove up to McDonald's to get Andrew a quick bite and Rich said "So what would you like, miss?" and "Would you like a Coke, sweetheart?"  Finally Andrew got upset and said something mean and Rich said "Shut Up Missy" and Bella, who had been quiet up to this point said "Hey Rich, that's no way to talk to a lady"

Cracked. Me. Up.

This was only after we spent some time pondering the question: Why is "What is your favorite color?" the be all end all to finding out if you really know someone.  Why not "What is your favorite texture?" or "What is your favorite smell?" or "What is your favorite taste?"

Aren't you glad that we are discussing such important, life changing issues, in the car?

But aren't you even more glad that I decided to tell you about it?

More Later

- A Ro

P.S.  I need to know what is the word that describe words that make sense, but aren't exactly the wheelbarrel instead of wheelbarrow.  Anybody?? Anybody?? Bueller?? Bueller??



  1. Do you mean spoonerism? I kind of had fun looking it up...

  2. Ha-your girllie is quick witted!

    I'm not sure I could answer the favorite texture question but sometimes I find the favorite color thing stressful feels like a lot of pressure to just choose one : ) I think smell is easiest to choose and actually tells you something about the person...mine is Coppertone : )

  3. I am just happy to see a family with two kids your age who talk. Period!