Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pop Quiz

This weekend past weekend proves that:
a) I really love my kids
b) I am really crazy
c) My kids are very popular
d) All of the above

OK that was so easy...all of the above, of course.

If  you know me at all you'll know that I hate driving in general, but I especially hate driving on the freeways around the Los Angeles area otherwise lovingly known as concrete paths to hell.

I am not sure where I acquired this fiery hatred of being behind the wheel.  I mean my Dad really loved to drive, and was a very good driving teacher.


Me driving in his HUGE Ford Bronco down a boulevard with houses to my right.  Hugging the curb like all good young drivers who feel like they are driving down the center of the road each time they are in the right lane.  When my father calmly tells me that his HUGE side mirrors are slightly tapping the mailboxes as we drive by.  It goes something like this.

Dad: Amy sweetheart you might want to move...Amy darling you really need to move over...Amy...AMY...AMY, YOU ARE HITTING THE MAILBOXES MOVE LEFT!!!

Good times...good times...

Anyway long story short.

I hate to drive.

This weekend with Rich being gone I did all the driving and all the kvetching and all the whining and bucked it up to taxi my kids according to the following schedule:

Home from work 101 freeway (25 minutes)
Back to the work area 101 freeway (25 minutes) to pick up Andrew from friends house.
Back home 101 freeway (25 minutes)

Thank goodness I didn't have to take Rich to the airport that would have been :101 freeway - to the 405 freeway - to early grave with gray hair.

To soccer
To work area 101 freeway (25 minutes) to bring Bella to sleepover birthday party
Back home 101 freeway (25 minutes)
To Culver City 101 freeway - to Pacific Coast Highway - to the 10 freeway (50 minutes) to take Andrew to swanky hard to get invitation, Sweet 16 party (He had a BLAST...)
Home 10 freeway - to PCH - to 101 (50 minutes)

To work area 101 freeway (25 minutes) to pick up Bella from party
Back home 101 freeway (25 minutes)
To Baseball 101 freeway (20 minutes)
To Encino 101 freeway (20 minutes) to take Bella to ANOTHER birthday party
Home 101 freeway (30 minutes)
To Encino 101 freeway (30 minutes) to pick Bella up
Home Encino 101 freeway (30 minutes)

I don't even want to add up all those minute in my unhappy place car.  Of course, none of it was timed so that I could just stay in one place...oh no...that would have been too easy.

Good road rage.
Good kids owe me.
Bad hair is a little thinner.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I hope you have good music in your car!

  2. Oh that sounds like torture - you're such a good mom!

    P.S. Definitely we should talk baseball. I used to go to my brothers games when we were kids so I know that part of it too (although mostly I remember being embarrassed at how loud my mom yelled & drinking suicides).

  3. Maybe your dislike of driving is because you have to get on the freeways around LA instead of the roads in Iowa! What a busy the car!