Friday, January 29, 2010

And the Winning Psychosis Is...

Yesterday I may or may not have been publicly ridiculed by Carpool Queen for the state of my Tupperware cupboard. What she fails to realize is the state of my Tupperware cupboard is really mild neurosis compared to what I am about to share with you.

You see I have this issue problem condition psychosis...about backtracking. Now I would guess that 40% of you (which in my case is about 3.25 people) don't like to backtrack. You might casually think about a particular way to go that avoids backtracking or possibly chuckle to yourself if you indeed ended up backtracking...However most of you are probably like the more reasonable adult that lives in my house, Rich, in you would backtrack if it meant that your route was quicker, in essence to be more efficient. Totally sounds like the reasonable way to do things, now doesn't it?

yeah...well, we all can't be REASONABLE now can we?

My issue problem condition psychosis lies much deeper than the chuckle or the "thinking about which way to go"...I obsess about it. Every time I get in my car to go somewhere new, leave a parking lot, or have to walk across campus I consciously think "which way would cause less backtracking" and if I have no choice but to backtrack it really gets to me.

Today, however, two of my issues problems conditions psychoses came into conflict today.

and you thought I only had have NOT been paying attention.

Issue Problem Condition Psychosis #1 - I hate driving, I hate traffic, and I am always in a hurry to just get home. I love my friends, I love helping them out (God knows they have done there share of getting me out of some tricky situations)...I am all about helping others and NEVER feel like they need to return the favor...I would do just about anything for just about anyone. So today Bella's friend who lives in the same town as we do needed a ride home from school..."of course" I'll do it. So we are coming home our usual way and I am starting to try to figure out the fastest way to get her home so I can go get home quickly.


Issue Problem Condition Psychosis #2 - Clearly the fastest way to get her to her house is to take the freeway and to traverse across our little town quicker than the side streets. However, I will indeed have to backtrack about 1/2 mile to get to the freeway.

I are SO wondering which of my issues problems conditions psychoses came out on top???

Well it took a lot of concentration, talking to myself, and really trying to figure out how much backtracking would actually occur and then a lot of concentration, talking to myself, and deep breathing to actually backtrack to the freeway to allow myself to get home quicker.

Yes, you heard it...I backtracked for the sake of efficiency...

See I am a strong person...I don't let my issues problems conditions psychoses control my sir-ee bob...not me!

However, I did have a secret weapon in the attack...Rich and my long awaited beef stew were waiting for me at home.

It's OK to have some help with these things...whatever gets you to the finish line...I always say.

More Later

-A Ro


  1. You don't drive a KIA do you? Wait you aren't Italian so I know it wasn't you. Some times you just have to face your fears Ro and bite the bullet. :)

  2. Congratulations I think?

    How was the beef stew? It's cold and wintery here so I'm thinking about making it tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I knew it wasn't limited just to storage containers....