Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Big Picture Beef Stew

I got a new cookbook. It is put out by Cooking Light and it is more of a how to book. And the pictures are just beautiful.

I love to cook and bake, and am always looking to learn new things. This book really inspired me to re-think the way I do things.Within each section it has a recipe that goes along with what it is trying to teach you.

This week as I was frantically carefully putting together my menus for the week, I remembered this beef stew recipe I saw and decided to try it. I decided to try it on Wednesday night.

I must not have had my thinking cap on.

Now I have always had a little trouble with the big picture in life. I mean I tend to not think about the long term and live in the moment. Now that is good when you are trying to live life to the fullest, but not so good when you need to be somewhere and decide 20 minutes before you have to walk out the door to pull out everything in your closet to "re-organize" it.

So my menu planning is sorta like that..Oh this looks good...oh I have nothing to eat on Wednesday...OK...

Sounds like a good plan...right now...but looking at the big picture?

Not so much

You see I have rehearsals on Wednesday until 5:00, I have to round up my kids, and drive home. This puts me home at oh...5:45ish.

I get home to find Rich chopping onion, potatoes, carrots.

Truth be told, I realized that I must have help chopping and called him in a panic, of course he was more than willing to help.

I change my clothes, roll up my sleeves, and get that recipe started...clock says 6:00 and stomach is growling.

Saute mushrooms - check
Saute onion and garlic - check
Dredge beef in flour - check
Cook beef until brown - check
Add wine and de-glaze - check
Add beef broth - check
Reduce heat - check
Simmer 1 hour - WHAT???

OK...OK...relax. This puts us eating at 7:25 we can certainly munch on something to tide us over...deep breath...keep going.

Stir in potato - OK
Stir in carrot - OK
Simmer uncovered another hour - Oh CRAP!!

Me: Uh...honey...

Rich: Yes, beautiful (his usual pet name for me, isn't he sweet)

Me: Uh...we have a slight problem with the Beef Stew

Rich: What is it my love and soul mate (OK he didn't really say that)

Me: isn't going to be ready until...uh...bedtime...ha...ha...

So I offered to go to Subway and he started heating up leftovers.

I really need to work on big picture things.

I'll have to add that to my ever growing list as I am eating Beef Stew...tomorrow.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. On the bright side you don't have to think about tomorrow's dinner. I get Cooking Light magazine and love their recipes. Now I'm craving beef stew.

  2. I'm usually pretty good at paying attention to how long it takes to cook something. But that doesn't help when the recipe says to cook 4 hours on low in the crock pot & the potatoes are still hard as rocks after 6 hours & even after reheating them the next day. They finally softened up when we reheated it for the last time - 4 days later!

  3. You sound just like me in the kitchen. I started making chili today at around 4:30...we eat around 5:30. Not enough time to make it taste good.