Friday, January 8, 2010

Borrow-Away...and a new trick...

Thanks Robin for dumbing down teaching me the concept of putting a line through text. I usually, sometimes, never can figure these things out for myself. So I thank you!!

Thank you also for the numerous four comments to my question about blogging comments. It is obvious from reading your numerous four comments that there isn't a right way to do it. I think that since I am a relatively new blogger that I will continue to visit the blogs of my commenters and leave a comment there. Since I have a large number a few commenters each day I'll get to visit many a couple of new sites...should be fun.

Ok...Ok...I'll let it go now soon...

Now for the borrow-away!!!

Robin at Be Still and Know had this great idea to have an I Won...You Win giveaway. I read this book and now I am giving you the chance to read it too...

Here is Robin's idea (taken from her website):
The idea for “I Won…You Win” is two fold. Once a winner is chosen I will send the book out into the blogosphere. My hope is that whoever wins it will keep the “I Won…You Win” giveaway going. The second requirement is once you have finished the book place your blog address on the inside cover, as well as the date you finished the book and then continue the “I Won…You Win” Giveaway on your blog. Link back to me in you giveaway let’s see where this takes us. I also want to encourage everyone who reads the book to mark your favorite chapter in the book with a note in the margin telling future readers why you enjoyed the chapter. Use your imagination, tuck a special note in the pages or a pretty bookmark, but put “yourself” somewhere in the pages of the book. I am so excited to send this out into the blogosphere.

So here's how I'll do it:

I'll take comments until Sunday evening at 8:00 pacific time (cause that's where I live). Just answer this question in my comment section and I'll randomly choose a winner.

Being a relatively new blogger I want to know when you read a new blog what keeps you coming back to that blog for more??

Is it comedy, content, political views, pretty background, number of spelling errors, or is it how well the blogger can overuse use the word strike trick??

Man if that last one is the only criteria I am in like Flynn!!

More later

-A Ro


  1. Too Funny!!!!!

    It is fun to learn a new blog trick, I always feel like a rocket scientist when I figure something new out!!!!!


    I can't wait to see who wins the next go round with "I Won..You Win!"

  2. Hello, hello :-) Don't enter me, please! I fear for any book that enters this house, as it's ever so likely to never leave it. Or join my massive piles of to-be-read books, and be discovered by archeologists in a far distant age.

    No I'm just blathering on about the question you asked in your last post: I'd do whatever feels natural to you. I do respond to comments, and I do so at length. I treat it like a conversation, basically.

    In fact, I treat all of the blogosphere like a conversation (much as I am doing now) and I'm not sure if that is in line with prescribed etiquette or not. I do think that, at least relative to the number of followers I have, I end up with a fair number of comments. I don't think that has to do with my responding to comments as much as wherever I go, I comment pretty extensively (gee, you think?). It's not that I'm trying to get readers, I'm just treating every post I read like a conversation. It seems to have worked out.

    I got an incredibly sweet email from someone that basically said, "I love it when you comment, I always know you've read, and really thought about what I'm posting about." Which is true.

    I'm not sure what books recommend, and for all I know I'm doing it just plain old wrong but I think some really nice, neat people read my blog, and I know I read the blogs of some really nice, neat people.

    So that's my lengthy advice. Don't worry about the blogging etiquette, read what you like, and then treat the whole thing like a conversation at a party, where you are having an open exchange. Heh, and it really isn't that I've done all that well in terms of followers, but I do know that I have a lot of fun with the people who do comment, and I have a lot of fun on the blogs I visit.

    Maybe that's the best advice, although it would make for a really short book, wouldn't it? "Have fun with it, and don't sweat followers or readers."

  3. Thanks I totally agree I don't care too much about followers I just like to make fun of myself. I do tend to treat comments like conversations that is just the way I am. Good advice.


  4. I know that Bekah wants to enter the contest but her laptop is broken - so I told her I'd enter for her. I told her to answer your question - I'll post it once I hear back from her.

    As for me, humor is a BIG selling point. Nice pictures, a good story-teller, or just a nice person who has visited me & I think we could be friends. You just never know what I'll find interesting enough to revisit...

  5. @Amy, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of blogosphere as a written conversation. In fact, I had an account before I had a blog, because I was reading a blog that didn't allow Anonymous comments (Jo's A Majority of Two) and there came a point where I really wanted to chime in, but couldn't without an account.

    @Bug, I'm much the same way. It isn't any one thing that catches my attention, but the easiest way to lose it, and fast, is to be solely mean-spirited. Don't get me wrong, I love snarky humor, but I'm a full blown sucker for niceness.

  6. Here is Bekah's answer: I like someone who uses a lot of photos and is a good writer

  7. I read a variety...some for their humor, some for their wisdom...mostly though I think each blog has its own feel and some just feel comfy and friendly to me so I keep coming back for that reason.

  8. What a fun won, I win! Loved the description. I'd love to participate.

    What keeps me coming back? I think I have to be able to identify with the blogger. I have "comedians" in my blog list, but I don't visit all the time just because they are funny. My favorite blog is one written by a pastor's wife who tells about life on a Texas ranch. She doesn't post often, but every time I read her blog, I feel like we've just had a great chat sitting on her back porch sipping lemonade. So like Joyce, I'm looking for something comfy and friendly!

    Looking forward to your Sat post!