Thursday, January 14, 2010

The New Abridged A-Ro Dictionary

As I was lurking and posting comments to yesterday's Random Dozen over at 2nd Cup. I noticed how crazy those words were that you have to type as a security feature to post a comment. So I decided to write down some of the ones I stumbled across and come up with my own definitions. I am sure that most of these "words" are made up, but who knows maybe not. Anyway I hope you get my twisted humor in this absurd endeavor.

**These are actual combinations of letters that I had to type yesterday. None were manipulated or changed**

typeri - n. A superior secret race of humans that seem to be able to use a computer to output a large amount of words in a small amount of time. When I saw Janet's ease and quickness at completing the on-line job application I realized that I had stumbled upon a typeri, a true wonder of man.

nuppie - n. A person who is newlywed and cannot keep their hands off of their husband/wife. This is a term that goes away with time and fades each time underwear and socks have to be picked up off the floor. Awe isn't it cute how that nuppie is scratching her husband's back

chthe - n. A piece of trash that the vacuum won't suck up so you bend over to pick it up and toss it back on the ground in hopes that this time the vacuum with pick it up. My back aches from all the chthe that was in my son's room, I don't even want to know what it was.

mobblear - v. The act of needing to know what a large group of people are looking at. While at Venice beach Hannah mobbleared and found out that the group was watching a fully painted silver man robot dancing to bad 80's techno music.

gignal - n. A predetermined sound resembling a fake laugh that one gives at a party when one needs their significant other to come and save them from a boring or uncomfortable conversation. Maggie heard the gignal and rushed right over to find her husband in an awkward conversation with his bosses wife.

cheedge - n. The Parmesan cheese that ends up on the table and floor when trying to use the impossible shaker that all restaurants seem to use to dispense Parmesan cheese. I gave up on trying to get the shaker of Parmesan cheese to dispense cheese on my slice of pizza. Instead I scrapped the cheedge off the table onto my slice.

unpres - n. A person in a meeting who has absolutely no authority to make any decisions yet controls the conversation with ridiculous ideas that have no value to solving the problem. The unpres insisted that the only solution to the growing problem of littering in the park was to strip search all the patrons of the park before they entered to make sure no outside food was brought in.

disec - n. A word most teenagers use often when not wanting to get off their lazy butt to complete a task. When asked to come take out the garbage my son yelled, disec.

morks - n. A group of socially inept people who wear rainbow suspenders, shake hands with their fingers in the shape of a V and have friends named Pam who drive Jeeps. Another common characteristic is they all claim they are from Ork. I knew I opened the door to a lame party when I observed all the morks laughing and saying nan-oo nan-oo.

I hope you got a kick out of my feeble attempt at humor...or at least you will look at those ridiculous words a little differently next time you comment.

More Later

-A Ro


  1. Great idea and very creative.

    I think my hubby must work with a bunch of unpres. :)

  2. Since you say blogaversary is a word then it must be so because I see you are a wordsmith : ) This was funny...I love the gignal. And I love it when you get a security word that somehow relates to the post you are commenting on .

  3. My carpet is FULL of chthes! Or maybe my vacuum cleaner just sucks. Or doesn't. Or something...

    This was a LOT of fun!