Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365 - Week 5

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It is that time again to take a peek into every one's week in pictures...go here to link up or to fulfill that need to see what others are up to. Here's my week.


I Made It All By Myself

Bella went to an Art Show at the convention center with her dad. She got to go to a woodworking station and make this airplane for Rich. It really shows how her dad and I have handled things, that she is not afraid to tell her dad that she wants to make something for Rich. That really warms my heart.


Chuck, Chuck, Bo-Buck, Bo-na-na-na, Fo....

Monday night is Chuck night. We really look forward to it, and it is the ONE and ONLY show that we all watch be quite honest with you is is the ONE and ONLY show that I watch...period. Notice that my son still does everything he can to not have his picture taken.

Come Here Muffin

These are two of my students. These are two normal high school students...I promise. These two students always make me smile whenever they come into my room. The girl is an upperclassman and the guy is an underclassmen. She thinks he is adorable in the underclassmen sort of way so she calls him muffin. He wears silly glasses that he doesn't need and has a smile that makes me glad to be his teacher. They both cheer me up every time they come into my room...oh wait I already said that.


Even When Sick He Laughs at Me...and Makes Me Laugh Too

Andrew was still really sick on Wednesday so I took him to the doctor. When I pulled out my camera to take his picture he was sitting on a hobby horse. You see we still go to the pediatrician so the waiting room is full of kid toys. He would not look at the camera...remember he hates to have his picture taken. When we were sitting in the exam room he decided to read all the signs in Spanish and then he read them with a Castilian accent. The accent that lisps all the 's's. I was laughing to hard my belly ached. God love him!!


My Turn

I took Andrew out to lunch on Thursday. I started to take his picture and he said "Hey Mom, you always take our pictures for once let me take yours" he did. Now his inner dialog was "Hey if I tell her that she should have her picture taken then she won't take mine". Did I mention that he hates to have his picture taken??


Duck and Cover

We had an earthquake drill on Friday. My High School Chorus was in session when the alarm went off. We, obviously, don't have desks to get under, so my students were informed to put their heads and chest under their chairs. This scene totally cracked me up so I had to take a picture.


We're Goin' To Disneyland!!!!

Here is my girl with her three BFF's. It was a birthday Disneyland. My girl is lucky to have such generous friends, because her birthday parties will never be at Disneyland. The living room of our house...maybe.

In Summary: I really need to check my son's birth certificate...doesn't like to be the center of attention...wonder who his mom is?? I love my students and could probably blog entirely about them...and my daughter is blessed with good friends, who just happen to like Disneyland.

More Later

-A Ro


  1. Love the first one...really great. That does say alot!

  2. I really love that you love your students so much!!

  3. It's so funny that I worry I won't post interesting pics when I find everyone else's so entertaining. It's exactly what you said at the top - a glimpse into the lives of others.

    I love sharing Project 365 'cause it helps you feel like you really are making new friends!

    Anyway, I love the pic of YOU! Very nice. Love how Andrew hates to have his pic taken. Love the chorus students under the chairs. Funny!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. you made me nervous with the BONANA FANNA song! :)
    and I cracked up over "muffin"...we have one in our youth group...his name is BEANZ, and you CAN guess why! and he's so cute and funny and you NEVER know what he'll do...and he LOVES having his picure taken :)
    thx for your great pics...
    you were quick to capture the 'drill' photo in class, that should go in your 'yearbook' @ school

  5. what a great week!

    the earthquake drill cracked me up....the rest of us have probably never heard of or had an earthquake drill!

  6. As usual, your pictures are great!

    When I was a child I remember something about nuclear holocaust drills - like getting under our desks. I don't think we actually DID those, but I must have heard about them from somewhere because I had nightmares about them. I probably knew that crawling under my desk wasn't going to help if the big bomb was coming LOL.

  7. Those are wonderful pictures. I only watch one show too. Not that one...but one show. :)
    I loved my students too when I was a teacher. THey are just so fun.
    That is awesome about your daughters friends. What a fun time for her.
    Great picture of you too.

  8. I can't say I have ever been through an earthquake drill...

  9. Great pics - love the 1st one! Says so much about the caliber of parenting is going on. Good job mom!

  10. awwww... great mom and great teacher too!

    isn't it funny when the kids turn the camera on us?

  11. an earthquake drill!!!!! what a hoot, I hope you never have to put it into practice.

    Great pictures!!!


  12. Great pics! I love the picture of you! I can see how those two students could make you smile!
    BTW-I will send the girl scouts to take care of Jillian for you!

  13. Never heard of that show, Chuck.
    GOOD photo of YOU!
    Your week reflects great mothering and 'teachering'. It is so good to have fun with the students.
    So, Andrew is taking Spanish, what year?

  14. I, too, am a fan of Chuck.
    And of big kids not afraid to sit on hobby horses. Funny he's afraid of the camera...

  15. Great pictures and you just reminded me we forgot to watch Chuck tonight. We'll have to catch it on the computer later this week.

  16. great week! what is it about boys that they don't want their picture taken? my son is the same! i love that you get to work with high school students...they are the best! i love being around them, and i helped our choir director last year with the booster club and spent alot of time with these kids...loved it!!! also, your daughter is very lucky to get to go to Disneyland, that is a once in a lifetime thing for my kids!