Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Plans and a Few Pictures

Well the fact that I am getting married...again...is settling in with me. I am very excited and feeling a little juevinile showing off my ring and squealing.

When I got married the first time I was very excited as well. However, back then I was more excited about the wedding itself...my colors, my bridesmaids, my flowers, my reception...This time I am WAY more excited about the actual marriage. When I was going through my divorce I read the book Lies at the Altar by Robin Smith. It really opened my eyes to the wedding vows we all just say and take for granted. It takes each vow and tells how one blindly says them, but we don't think about what they really MEAN. Rich and I both read that book and think now that every 18 year old should read it before they get into a serious relationship. It truly was an eye opener.

Anyhoo...I now am very excited about this marriage, this partnership. So my actual wedding is not in the forefront of my mind. Really our only invitees are family members, and maybe a few friends. I originally wanted to get married at the Marriott's Tan-tar-a resort in the Lake of the Ozarks. It was Rich's old stomping grounds, and I visited while dating him in High School and really loved it. It was going to be a family vacation with a wedding attached. However my mom started looking into the cost of rooms there and was blown away at how expensive it is to actually stay there. The wedding packages were very reasonable. She suggested we look at a lake in Iowa closer to home.

Now I now what you are thinking...a wedding on a lake in the mid-west...could get a little "rustic" and not so much "quaint". I don't think I could handle getting married with wood panelling, deer heads, and fishing lure as decorations. But my mom planned my first wedding entirely...I was living in Arizona and got married in Iowa...she is good and I trust her completely. I almost want to say to my family, you all plan your family vacation and Rich and I will just get married while we are all there. In other words I really don't care where we get married...I just don't....with the exception of the aforementioned decor.

So the first thing on my to do list is to decide on where. The when was easy...it is the first weekend in August...it fits in between my summer "job" and school starting for me, my mom, and my sister...all who work within the school system.

I'll keep you updated...I know lucky you!!

I thought I'd throw a couple of pictures at you from my vacation. This one has a great story...

My daughter still believes in Santa...I think. If she doesn't she really puts on a good show. So Christmas morning both of my kids run down the stairs and as they are opening their stockings (shortly after reading the response to Bella's note to Santa) she notices something in the fireplace. She says "look mom part of Santa's coat got stuck in the fireplace". Andrew, Rich, her dad (I'll save that story for another post), and I look at each other trying to figure out who did that. We were completely perplexed on how that "piece of Santa's coat" got in the fireplace when no one fessed up to it...all the while trying not to look too surprised. We sat there for a minute in shock when all of the sudden Bella said "Gottcha". She spent the greater part of Christmas Eve day concocting this plan to fool us...

She is a planner...and schemer...

Hey...do I have a job for her!!!

More Later

-A Ro

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