Monday, January 4, 2010

A Story With a Very Happy Ending

Well first of all you must forgive me. My last week has been filled with so much, but here are the real reasons I have not blogged.

Yes I know that those are very good reasons for not blogging, but I wear guilt very well. So I thought I would make it up to you with a story today, and a giveaway later this week. Well it isn't so much a give-away as a borrow-away...anyway I'll clue you in later this week. But, here is my story:

Once upon a time, well actually it was the summer of 1985, this young girl went to one of her friends birthday parties. It was at his apartment's swimming pool. There she met a very handsome, tall, hunky football player. She was taken by him and over the course of the next year she discovered that he was a great boyfriend. He always made her feel like she was the only one in the room and simply adored her.

If you have heard this one before don't stop gets better.

Well as you might have guessed it that girl was me, and almost twenty five years later she found herself standing at that very pool with that very boy. Except this time that boy had grown into a man. A tall, handsome, hunky man. A man who still makes her feel like she is the only one in the room and who adores her more than she deserves. A man who is a wonderful father to his two children and a great role model for mine. A man who brought me to that pool 25 years later, told me how much he loves me and cannot live without me and then pulled out this amazing ring.

He asked...

I said yes...

Thank you fate, thank you God, thank you dad and Dick, and Ryan for helping me find my soul mate. But most of all thank you Rich for becoming the man you are, for loving me the way you do, for believing in us, and for saving my life. I love you.

I used to not believe in happy endings...

but now I do...

More later

-A Ro

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  1. Oh man - I wanted to be there in person when you showed the ring off so I could do the squealing jumping around happy dance. This is FABULOUS news!

    So do we get to participate in the wedding plans? Just kidding - I made my mom plan my wedding LOL.