Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things You Notice When You Stop to Look Around

I took a much needed sick day today. Both my kids were sick too, so we all just took it easy and hopefully we will all be back to normal tomorrow, because quite frankly I am not meant to be at home feeling sick just sitting around.

So being home and being forced to slow down I noticed many things through the pounding in my head and, of course, I must tell you all about them.

  1. Guilt - I work very hard at my job, and my school treats me as a professional. I very rarely take anytime off. My principals gave me well wishes when I e-mailed them telling them I was sick. But I still feel guilty for staying at home. I am such a headcase.
  2. My Wonderful Daughter - When I woke up from my first nap of the day I woke to see this:
  3. Daytime Television - I don't yell at the T.V. when I watch sports, but something makes me scream like a crazy person when i watch The Price Is Right. Whether I am screaming at the woman who bids $38,000 for a Scion...or screaming at the 82 year old lady to "watch out" as she is about to be pummeled by the wheel, as she is trying to spin it. I am yelling curse words at the lady who thinks the pizza wheel is $195 and screaming at the producers of the Price Is Right for trying to tell me that the same electric guitar that is sitting in my son's room that I paid $200 for is now retailing for $595...c'mon people!!!
  4. Tupperware - I got a good look at my Tupperware cupboard and really noticed how absolutely crazy I am about the need for that cupboard to be totally organized. It is so bad that when Rich unloads the dishwasher he doesn't even attempt to put away the Tupperware, he just knows that it won't be good enough...unfortunately he is right. Have I mentioned that I am a total headcase??
  5. Finally The Spider Web - I also noticed a very large spiderweb that was encroaching onto my counter space from the bay window behind my sink. Oh by the way if you are my sister Kate you might want to stop reading, and yes I know that it isn't your fault that you were drug to the movie Arachnophobia when you were eight...just warnin' ya. Anyway the whole incident ended with me holding a spatula, my daughter being pealed away from her spot hiding on the couch to hold the flashlight, and Rich with a can of Black Widow spray. Let's just say Mimi is dead, yes my daughter had to name the spider before we killed it, I chose the name Mimi because anyone with the name Mimi is sure to be doomed...c'mon haven't you seen the opera La Boheme??
Now you can see why I am in such a hurry to get better and get the heck out of my house. I need to go back to work...badly.

Unless of course you want a blog about the state of soap operas, my pots and pans cupboard, and the cricket that drives me nuts and I cannot find.

I didn't think so...

More later

-A Ro


  1. The blocks are just too sweet! Feel better soon!

  2. I think you think more when you're home sick than I do on a regular day LOL.

  3. Hey wait a minute...my name is Mimi. LOL I hope I am not doomed.
    Hope every one is feeling better tomorrow too.
    What a sweet thing to wake up too.

  4. My tupperware cabinet is exactly.the.same.way. HATE IT!! I have even bought those clippy ones. Ugh!

  5. I am hoping that my son's teachers all get sick next week. I know that is bad to say but we have a parent teacher conference with one of them but for some reason they bring in all the teachers. I am going to ask why that is. I know the answer. It is to intimidate the parents. You are a basket case I tell you. I am glad you killed that spider though.

  6. I hope we can still be friends even if our method of Tupperware storage differs DRAMATICALLY.

  7. I came over from CPQ and just have to say how totally impressed I am by the tupperware storage . . . seriously I couldn't even imagine to be that organized. My life/house/tupperware is a mess!