Friday, January 22, 2010

Beware: Blogger with a Rainy Day on Her Hands

I have been on a keeping my house neat and organized kick lately. When I say lately I mean about 3 days now. Part of me likes things around me neat and organized, but the procrastinator side of me is stronger in that battle. Since, it has been raining quite a bit lately, and I don't want to go outside to flooded streets and stupid drivers, my organization side has been able to be heard...finally.

Anyway a couple of days ago I decided that the drawer of my nightstand needed to be cleaned out, and as any good blogger looking for stuff to write about, I took pictures.Here is the before picture. So we are clear, just because the Google Blogger book is next to my bed doesn't mean I have read any more of it.Here are the contents of the drawer on my bed. I would like you to notice a few key things:
  • The amount of gum that I keep in that drawer. Now I agree that it is an odd place to keep to your bed, since that is the last place you should be using or needing a piece. BTW most of the gum had expiration dates of 2007, so at least you know that I haven't been using it!!
  • That the nightstand drawer is the new refrigerator door, as I have two pictures that my daughter has made me stuffed in that drawer.
  • I must be subconsciously been wanting McDonald's at night, asleep, in my bed, because of all the fast food napkins that I have been hording storing in there.
  • I understand the need to keep a pen or a pencil next to your bed because you never know when an idea might pop into your head, while your are trying to fall asleep, that you might need to write down. And maybe that one pen might be out of ink, or the lead might break on that one pencil so you might need a few just in case. But I'm pretty sure that the 100 or so that I seem to have in my drawer might just be a little excessive.
  • Do I really need a highlighter or sharpie?? and scissors?? and calculator?? and a CD with no CD player in sight?? Really??
  • Hey that is where that little screwdriver went...I have been looking for that to open all of those electronic toys that come with a battery pack that can only be accessed with the screwdriver that I obviously thought would be safest shoved into my nightstand drawer. Of course, I am a genius.
All I have to say is thank goodness I am a blogger who was stuck in the house because of rain. If not I am not sure what this drawer would look like.

Notice that some things will never change.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I got my book and goodies yesterday...Thanks! Did you make the note cards-they are so cute.

    I drive my husband nuts with the number of pens/pencils I have stashed in every drawer of the house. Probably 2/3 don't work. I don't know why I put them back in a drawer if they don't write.

  2. I love how the drawer has all the same stuff, but is now organized. The napkins are hilarious. I don't have a drawer on my nightstand, but we haven't even OPENED the one on Dr. M's nightstand in forever. Who knows what's in there?