Friday, January 15, 2010

My New BFF...the Furnace Guy

Last night we realized that our furnace fan was constantly on and was blowing cool air.

Yes, I checked to see if the fan got switched to on and not auto. Who do you think I am the kind of woman who calls AAA to come jump start her car only for him to tell her that the car was in drive not park...


Now don't you worry, we live in California so we weren't "freezing", but it does get "cold" at night so we called our home warranty company, and my kids broke out the snuggies and went to bed.

Now when I say I called my home warranty company I forgot to say that I didn't actually talk to someone I had to leave a message...thank goodness my water heater didn't explode or my ice maker stopped working or something horrible like that.

So today the person from the home warranty company called me, as I was on my way home, to tell me that someone would be there within 20 minutes. She said "don't worry ma'am we'll make sure that you get some heat"...
I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was driving around with my windows down in 75 degree weather. Who knows she was probably sitting somewhere in Boston freezing her boo-hiney off and I didn't want to seem like I was complaining about no heat when I was in a short sleeve t-shirt and jeans...

...I did mention it does get "cold" here at night...right??

So the guy from the heating and cooling company comes and precedes to take off the front of our heater and asks me "How long has it been since you cleaned the furnace filter?"


Him asking me that question is like the dentist asking me "How often do you floss?" Except with the dentist I at least have the opportunity to floss everyday between the time I make the appointment and the actual appointment, so that I can safely say "I have been flossing everyday"...

But there was no way I could wiggle out of this one when he showed me that you couldn't even see the filter for all the dust and crap that was on it...
It was obvious that I had never cleaned the furnace filter.

I felt so dirty.

What kind of homeowner am I that I don't even clean my furnace filter?

Oh the shame.

All I kept thinking was thank God Rich had just cleaned the downstairs bathroom. I couldn't have handled another blow to my homemaker ego.

So Mr. Nice Furnace Guy proceeded to take apart my furnace which is located right in between my dining room and my family room, right next to my computer, and my kitchen.

Here is my inner termoil...

Do I stay there and keep him company?

Do I make the ever dreaded small talk?

Do I offer him something to drink and some homemade cookies?

Do I get online and register for my Jillian Michaels 30 day free trial of her website that I got with my recent purchase of her "30 Day Shred" knowing he could look at what I was doing on the computer?

Do I start fixing dinner knowing that he is probably starving by now?

Do I flip through the magazines that I want to peruse knowing he might think that I have nothing better to do with my time?

Do I call my mom and tell her about the condo I found for our wedding weekend?
Does he really want to hear all about my wedding plans?

But for the amount of time he spent in my house, watching me putz, looking at my dirty filters, listening to my daughter tell me about her day, playing with my dog Maggie who wouldn't leave him alone, and knowing that I need to start the 30 Day Shred, I felt I was going to have to put him on the guest list.

Well for what the bill came to at least he can thank me for helping put his kids through college.

And my daughter can thank him and the shame of my dirty furnace filter for getting me to finally help her clean her desk area.

much better right??

I wanted to rearrange her furniture but couldn't decide what to do.

Maybe I'll call the furnace guy to help me.

...'cause that's what BFF's do you know.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. In the UK all service people who came to your house were offered tea and 'biscuits'. It was an unspoken rule. I once had painters there for days and days...they said they loved the banana bread and might never leave. Banana bread is a very American thing.

  2. Ooh I was going to post something witty about your new weddding guest but then I got totally distracted by the banana bread comment - I LOVED banana bread! MMM - that's gonna be my "cheat" for this weekend.

  3. Yeah...nothing beats banana bread. I have a "lower fat" version that I really do like...maybe I'll post it...maybe. I'll have to have one ready next time my house needs maintenance. Making friends with people who decide how much money leaves your bank account can only be a good thing!!