Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 - A Picture a Day

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I decided to join Sara at Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord for Project 365. We take a picture every day and post them on Sunday's...a sort of pictorial "day in the life". Here are my week's pics...

Sunday - I posted on my blog that I got engaged so I decided to re-post the picture I took last Sunday. It is my amazing ring given to me by an amazing man...
Monday - Rich (my amazing man) is obsessed excited about the iPod touch I gave him for Christmas...boys really do love new toys.
Tuesday - It was my school's Music Alumni Day. Here I am with 5 of my chorus alumni. I just love this day. I just love these guys. The two on the right surprised me and just showed up. It was so nice to see them. I miss them all very much. Have I mentioned how much I love my job!!
Wednesday - We go get ice cream every Wednesday night at Baskin Robbins. This little, high caloric, tradition started shortly after my ex moved out. It was my kids and I little weekly ritual. We walked or scootered to the store and enjoyed some ice cream. It has stuck and now we include Rich.
Thursday - This is where my vacuum cleaner has sat since last Saturday. It is plugged in and ready to vacuum my bedroom. But have I done it But it is good and ready should I choose to do so. Let's just say I am a prepared procrastinator.
Friday - I got a gift certificate to this really she-she-fru-fru Japanese restaurant in Malibu owned by Robert DeNiro. Rich and I decided to have a date night there. We saw Ryan O'Neill but sitting in that fancy restaurant made us feel like fish out of water.

ha ha get out of water...ha ha..

** this thing on?**

Saturday - I went out to run errands and really thought this view from my front yard was I snapped this picture. I do like some aspects about living in So. Cal.

So there you have is obvious from these pictures that I am excited about getting married, my students, my awkward date night, and ice cream, but really need to just vacuum my room and get on with it.

More Later

- A Ro

P.S. Don't forget to enter my borrow-away...just go to this post and post a comment. This ends tonight (Sunday) at 8:00 Pacific Time.


  1. the vacuum is my favorite : )

  2. Your ring is beautiful - did he pick it out by himself??

  3. Congrats on the engagement! I have been computer-less for over a week and feel SO out of the loop~ Bug entered for me for the book thingy. I am doing 365 as well but Sundays don't work for me so I am just doing it on my own on Mondays. Good luck!

  4. Joyce - the vacuum still sits there...ha ha
    LuAnn - He did!!!
    Bekah - You are entered

    Thanks for stopping by


  5. great week in pictures! i love the baskin robbins tradition, and i totally understand the fish out of water thing. we went to a posh sushi bar in Nashville back in April and there were country music artists eating there and lots of uppity people, we felt like fish out of water too...but it was a very memorable experience. ha!

  6. beautiful ring! congrats!!

    I love, love, love baskin robbins!! one of the big bonuses of moving back south!!! I think going there every week is a wonderful tradition that my family needs to adopt!

    I had to LOL about the vacuum....could have been my house! for real!

  7. Loved the pics!! I feel like I know you a little better, how that works.

    Aren't alumni the best. I always enjoy seeing my former students, as well. We pour our hearts into them so of course, we enjoy seeing/hearing about their lives beyond our little influence.

    Beautiful ring! I might borrow that idea for a pic on Friday of a ring I got for Christmas. Yours has a much greater meaning. Congrats.

    vacuuming...yep, I made a bet with my 16-yr-old at lunch about the occupation of a book character. If I'm right he has to vacuum this week. That's how much I love it. :)

  8. This is the second time today I've had to admit to my vacuuming slackness - sigh. I HATE to vacuum. It takes 20 minutes. Why can't I do somethingt I hate for 20 minutes? The results are worth it. Blech.

    And again you have the cute summary at the end. Sheesh. Am I going to have to copy you for every post?

  9. COngrats! Sounds like a very exciting time in your life...beautiufl ring.

    I find that very funny that you took a picture of a plugged in vacuum.

    So the question I have from CT where it is freezing and snowy is...what is there NOT to like about So Cal??

  10. Oh My're engaged. Congratulations!

    How exciting. What a way to start of 365. I jumped into the 365 pool also. I did not do it last year, but I am going to give it a shot this year.

    Good luck on the drawing, I cant wait to see who wins next.


  11. CONGRATS!! the ring's beautiful and you're adorable...we live around the corner from a BRUSTER's and it's a constant struggle to stay away :)

  12. I'm just joining the Project 365 and checking out some pics! Looks like you had a great week and Congrats on the engagement!

  13. The picture of that vacuum cleaner looks vaguely familiar. Happens all the time here.
    GORgeous ring!!
    (stopping by from Sara's)

  14. Congratulations on your engagement! What a wonderful way to begin the year. May God bless you with a lifetime of love together!

    How great it is to have a job you love!

    You live in Simi! I moved to TX from Santa Clarita Valley. I SO miss the beach and the mountains! Used to take Malibu Canyon to get to the beach all the time. It was such a nice drive. :)

    I'll let you get to that vacuuming now. *wink*

  15. Congrats, A Ro, on your engagement. Lovely pix too.