Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365

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I just love this project. It really makes me think about my day a little differently. I have always loved to scrapbook so pictures have always been important to me, but this is much more random and so much fun!!

Head over to Sara at Make Music from Your Heart to see what every body else's week looks like.

Here's mine:

Sunday -
My daughter was my helper and drew the winning name for the I Won You Win borrow-away. Joyce from this side of the pond won. I just love the look on Bella's face...

I also love my pants hanging on my curtain rod. I realize that I really should see what else is in the picture before I snap it. However, I also realize that I probably will never do that.

Monday -

On Day 2's at my school Andrew has the period right after lunch free so sometimes we go out to lunch, just the two of us. I think it is very important for a mother and son to bond and this is a great way to do so. Actually I think it is very important for a mother not to have to make lunches every once in awhile. This Monday Rich had the day off so he came along and we went to our favorite Sushi place. I love this picture mostly because Andrew is only making a walrus face with his chop sticks and not putting his hands over his face. A successful picture in my book.

Tuesday -

After Rich and I ate a wonderful dinner at home, we decided to go run errands and get some of our favorite Go Yogurt.

I realize that there are two eating pictures in a row. My life absolutely does not revolve around food, she says while sucking in her gut.

Wednesday -

We went to our usual Wednesday night Baskin Robins excursion. Bella was driving Andrew NUTS, as any good little sister should do, by singing a song that she and her friends made up, over and over and over. Andrew had enough, and really so did I, so I told her if she wanted to sing at the top of her lungs she needed to go outside. So...she did!!

I realize that there are three food related pictures in a row. My life absolutely does not revolve around food, she says unbuttoning her button on her too tight jeans.

Thursday -

I met my new BFF the furnace guy on Thursday and here is a picture of his handy work. Since it is the most money I spent all week, really all month, I thought it deserved a spot in my weekly pictorial.


Friday -Due to it being the end of finals week I didn't have to go into work on Friday. Bella's best friend came over to spend the day with us. Bella decided they wanted to do a project with her new fabric markers she got for Christmas. I thought that was a wonderful idea until I realized that Santa did not think all that much ahead and forgot some necessary items, like shirts to actually draw on. After our trip to Jo Anns to pick up the necessary items, they really enjoyed themselves and it was a great project.

Saturday -

Rich started a new job that gives him weekends off. This means he gets to come help me grocery shop. Now I know you must be thinking that I DRAG him along, but truthfully he really enjoys it.

You may now pick up your jaw up off the floor

This picture is one of the reasons that I love having him along. He also pushes the cart, drags all the groceries in, and helps me put them away...and he looks good in running shorts to boot. God I love this man!!

There is my week in pics. Clearly I need to put away my clothes BEFORE taking a picture, stop eating...period, make sure Santa checks his list twice, add the furnace guy to my Christmas card list, and do whatever it takes to keep that incredible man in my life!!!

More later

-A Ro


  1. Great pictures this week. - live the frozen yogart. We don't have anything like that by us.
    My husband and I grociery shop together every Saturday a.m. Just something we do together.

  2. Dr. M & I always fight when we grocery shop together, so we try to avoid it. He does help put the groceries away when I get home though. I don't know why we fight - we just have different "styles" and are too used to doing it our own way LOL.

    As usualy, your summary amused the heck out of me LOL.

  3. Well I love all the food life doesn't revolve around food either.

    Gotta love a guy who carries all the bags! Have a nice week!

  4. did you notice how many of my pictures had food in them?!!! yep, pretty much food is a revolving door in my life...straight to my tush!

    I wonder if my husband would look good in running shorts while carrying groceries......I will never know! :(

    great week!

  5. you are too FUNNY...YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME LAFF :)
    you indeed have a KEEPER...
    my hubby looks good in shorts, too, so I share that one with you :)...enjoy week 4

  6. great week in photos! i love the everyday moments you caught, i think you are going to be really good at this! lol! you are joining a group of foodies here for project 365, it seems to be what we all have in common, food and family! yay!

  7. Oh, how nice to spend time together at the grocery store!

    The girls shirt project looks like a lot of fun!

  8. i love the mother/son time. great idea! my hubs shops with me sometimes too. ;)

  9. What a great week you had...

    That Go Yougurt looks delicious... wish we had something like that near us...

  10. great review of your week. At least you help me to feel that I'm not the only one that's always blogging about eating out. Sometimes I start getting a little embarrassed. Hey let's just call it being real and get on with it. lol

  11. My hubs comes to the grocery store sometime with me. Sadly we call it a grocery store date.

    Great P365


  12. Hey, I admit I am ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. hahahaha I have re-gained almost all the weight I lost last year from being so sick. Really need to get out and walk more. But you will NOT see me in running shorts (or shorts of any kind) -- we'll leave that to those guys who look good in 'em :-) What is it with boys and silly photos? Like you said, the fact that he didn't cover his face is a plus! lol But take heart, they aren't always quite that camera shy. They do grow up and submit to the occasional photo shoot every once in a while.

    Have a great week!

  13. Sorry, I missed you so far in the P365 circle.
    Great week in photos. i love your humorous comments.