Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ahh Love to Love the Dozen...

It is that time once again!! Head over to Linda at 2nd Cup. Tell her to get better, answer her random dozen, enter her giveaway, and link that order!!

1. Are you pleasant when you're ill, or are you a grumpy, fussy patient?
I am very pleasant. I think in general moms have to be...I mean the saying "If Mama ain't happy no one is happy" is very true. I just keep on truckin'...I might have a little less steam, but I am happy darn it.

2. When you find out that school is canceled (due to inclement weather) what is your gut reaction?

am I making myself clear??

3. What is one domestic skill you wish you could improve?
I am constantly trying to make myself stay on top of my domestic engineering skills. If I would just learn that 15 minutes a day would make a BIG difference I'd be OK. But this would require my procrastination self to take a much needed vacation...then again that just might solve all of my problems...hmmmm...

4. Do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day?
I have a few things that I put out sometimes. I always have a traveling coffee mug that I use to celebrate the season, but mostly it is a few towels, a couple of little knick knack-y things, not too much, but it makes me happy!!

5. What song is on your mind today?
My job is one non stop play list of all the things my students are singing. Today it was a french folk song called "Ton The"...It just spun around and around all day.

6. Do you prefer contemporary movies or classic?
Unfortunately I am the girl who only likes movies with the word "vacation" in the title and starring Chevy Chase...

ok I am not THAT bad

I would say mostly contemporary, but I do love the old movie musicals...sorry Linda...

7. How well do you "compartmentalize" your feelings? For example, how well can you put aside a really trying moment to deal with the immediate situation which is not related to the trying moment, e.g., putting aside a tiff with your spouse in order to finish wallpapering a room.
It all depends. If the other task is teaching, I can put anything aside, in fact my teaching and job really got me through my divorce. I just bucked it up and got it done. Any other task doesn't seem to have the same effect.

8. What is the first thing that attracted you to your spouse? (Or if you're single, to your best friend.)
He was tall, handsome, kind, and very attentive. He was very very mature for his young age of 17. I was totally taken...and still am 25 years later!!

9. When was the last time your heart raced?
Probably the very first time I was ever on stage. It still gets my heart a racing.

10. What are your memories of Valentine's Day at school?
OK this is going to sound VERY pathetic. I always remember that I NEVER got a "special" valentine from someone like some of my friends did. I was a late bloomer...and I am thankful for that.

11. If you were going to receive candy for Valentine's Day, which would you prefer?

am I making myself clear??

12. Red or pink?
I would have to say pink, I am a girly girl at heart. Power red has never done anything for me, but give me something pink and frilly and I am all a flutter!!

In Summary: Judging from my reaction to school cancellations I need to live somewhere other than we-never-miss-school-California. I really need to get my procrastination side a one way ticket to Justdoitville...and I think I need to expand my Netflix queue. I really need my doc to understand my absolute love for all things chocolate and peanut butter. But mostly I really need to thank God for my students, they are such a distraction...not to mention distracted too...ha ha.

More later

- A Ro


  1. Ever since I answered these questions I've been craving chocolate and peanut butter. We are in the middle of a blizzard so I don't think I can ask my husband to risk his neck on a trip to the store. I have thought about it : )

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I've got a Reeses in my desk drawer...

    Ok, I couldn't figure out # 8 so went through some of your archives and found out that you had dated Richard in HS! Ahhh! Much better than the thought of you still being taken with your ex. (I'm tellin ya, this snowed in thing is getting to my brain...turning into slush myself!)

    Then I read about where you might have the wedding - IA vs. AR vs. CA. Did you go to the SAME High School or did you live states apart as teenagers? Must be a good story in there somewhere!

    Enjoyed, as always.

  3. Mmm - chocolate & peanut butter are the best combo ever! I need to start having Flylady send me annoying emails again. Do you think that would get me off my behind & dust? Hmmm.

  4. i love dark choco w/ pnut butter, too...
    great answers!
    did i make myself perfectly clear?

  5. Enjoyed your answers. You always make me chuckle. Thanks for sharing!

    until next time... nel

  6. I absolutely love your writing, and you are the first person I've said that to in this meme, in case you're wondering. I miss coming around here so much and am hoping to get myself back into blogging the way you describe getting slowly into domesticity. Thanks, Amy!