Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adolescence Torture aka Human Development

It is so funny to me how one little change in routine can really set off a chain of events. The change in our routine around here is that Rich has had to work two late shifts. He is an air traffic controller and has had to work two 4:00 pm - 1:00 am shift. Everything around here has just morphed. So funny how that all works. The sad thing is I will not have seen him for about 64 hours. Maybe it is my mood that is getting things out of whack.

The good thing about all of this was that I got to have lunch with Rich and Andrew on Tuesday. We went to our favorite Sushi place. It was at lunch that Andrew told us all about his Human Development Classes' latest discussion. Now let me explain a little. Andrew is a freshman and takes a class where he and other freshmen, both boys and girls, sit around and have discussions about growing up, problems they may face, peer pressure, and other hot topics. Now I don't know about you but that sounds like torture. In fact remembering what it was like to be a freshman I think I would rather visit the dentist or gyno before going back to that time, let alone sit around and talk about those embarrassing topics. In fact thinking about it kinda gives me the preadolescence butterflies.

They had an activity the other day where the boys got together and had to list 10 advantages and 10 disadvantages to being a girl. Now we all know the REAL truth to this question as we have been around for a long time. Believe me I know these lists very well. The answers Andrew could remember really left me laughing...kind of. First of all Andrew admitted that they thought of quite a few disadvantages to being a girl and only three advantages...and he agreed that they were pretty lame.

  1. They don't have to work because they can stay home with the kids.
  2. They don't have to do any sort of asking out on dates.
  3. They don't have to pay for any dates.

OK really??? This was all you could come up with. Ah...such young naive boys.

They came up with 10 disadvantages which consisted of periods, childbirth, high heels, make up and pantyhose...well at least they know that being a girl isn't all sugar and spice.

Both Rich and Andrew agreed that they are really glad they are boys. Even though it means that they have to go to work, do all the asking out, and pay for everything. All the while us women sit around the house eating bon bons.

if only it were so...

More Later

-A Ro


  1. Too funny. I love sitting at home blogging and eating bon bons. LOL Great lists they came up with. I know how change of schedules can mess things up...even the slightest change.

  2. I guess he'll find out the truth soon enough. Or maybe he'll be that rare bird who has a job who can support a wife who WANTS to stay home.

    Or maybe they were pulling your leg because I think you're a fine role model of what a woman's life is REALLY like!