Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 365 Week 7

It is time once again to take a peek into the lives of fellow bloggers with Sara at Make Music With Your Heart's Project 365.

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Here is what my week looked like:


Under One Roof

With the return of Bella and Andrew and Rich being home, I went to bed Sunday night with my family back under one was really comforting, and I am sure short lived. I will enjoy it while I can.


Ill Prepared

Here are three of my students auditioning for our school's Coffee House. It is an evening with poetry, theater, and music. We decorate our Black Box Theater like a small coffee shop with live entertainment. These three failed to copy the music they needed so they all crowded around the piano with one teeny, tiny, fake book...too funny.


Why I Love My Job

Musical theater rehearsal, with very very crazy kids. It really makes the long afternoons bareable. Carly and Chelsea are making their chipmunk faces...not really sure why.


Invention Convention

Today was the Fourth Grade Invention Convention. My daughter's invention was called Lazy Bella's Ball Thrower. It is a device that throws the ball for our dog Maggie so we don't have to get up off the couch. She looks so very cute in her unifom. Don't you think??


Life Changes

It would be nice if all of the pictures of 365 could be happy ones, but you know what that isn't life. Today's picture has been one of a few that will really capture this day. We are losing our house. The divorce, the state budget cuts, and the bottomed out market has caused us to have to short sell our house, hopefully. Today when we got home from school the sign was in the yard. Now before you are too sad for me, to me a house is just a shell, it is what's inside that makes it a home, and I am certain that God has a plan for us. Everything will be just fine, I know that in my heart.


Valentine Cake Pops

Bella and I made cake pops for her teachers last night. I forgot to take a picture last night but remembered before we boxed them up today...phew. We had "fun" making them and ALL of her teachers are so glad to get a pop for the holidays.


Running Shoes

This picture is a sad one. I got up to run today. I have not exercised for a week because I hurt my knee and today I took this picture as I got dressed so I could document my first day back on the street. However, I never got my run in. I was a little nervous about doing it as I didn't want to re-injure my knee but I was just gonna do it. Until I went downstairs and my ipod was out of was an omen. So here is my picture of what didn't not happen today...ha ha.

In summary: I love my job (I know you are all getting tired of hearing that). My daughter is the cutest little inventor there is and hopefully her invention will be the next Snuggie. I need to get my lazy butt out of bed tomorrow morning and hit the pavement...those shoes look awfully lonely!! Most of all I need to start collecting boxes (and ben gay) for the move ahead and thank God each night for the peace I feel.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Love watching children sleeping in bed. When my college girl comes home and we're all under one roof I stand and look at my 3 girls who all share the same room. It just feels right!

    Love the student pics.

    I hate not knowing how the invention works. Curious minds want to know! :)

    I'm so sorry about your house. It makes me sad to see the sign, but you have a GREAT attitude. I will pray it sells or that the invention goes BIG. Just teasing. I will pray.

    Cake pops and running shoes. Hmmm.

    Always enjoy your pics. It will be interesting to see how much happens in 2009, won't it! It looks like it's going to be a BIG year for you.

    Keep lookin ahead!

  2. nice...2010. I can't even get my year straight!

  3. Bless your heart. Change is just hard. So is running with bum knees. ;) Love the invention, pops, and lonely sneakers pix. hehe...

  4. I think I would have loved school a lot more had I had more teachers like you!!!

    those cake pops are so cute!!! how do you make them?

    praying for the sale of your house....I know it's hard, but you are's what's inside that is important and God WILL take care of you!!!

  5. Those are great pictures. I love how you capture your week. You've inspired me to try and do a better job doing that myself.

    I hope your house sells quickly and for more than you expect. I wish you strength and peace as you travel a new beginning in your life.

    Your daughter is adorable and quite creative.

    Having had two children, so far, go through musical and drama programs, thank you so much for giving yourself and your time. It truly will stay with those kids forever the fun and confidence they learned.

  6. My kids all did the invention convention when they were in elementary school as well. One of my daughters got 2nd in the state, so she was really excited.

    I will pray that your house sells quickly.

  7. i pray that your house sells quickly, you are right, it is just a shell. we have lived in 9 houses and they have all been home to us. some of them nicer than others by far, but they were all equally home.

    the picture of your daughter with her invention is wonderful, she is such a cutie.

  8. I'm sorry about your house and I admire your attitude. I've moved alot and you are so right...home is where the people you love are and that can be anywhere. Praying it all goes smoothly!

    Your daughter is so cute : )

  9. Love the cake pops and must know how to make them! I think you and I would have a lot of fun during musical rehearsals!
    I am sorry about your house but I want to encourage you to keep trusting God! Your attitude is right on and He has big plans for you and your family!

  10. Thanks for blogging by! Too funny that we both had sleeping pics for our Sunday pics! Sorry to hear about your house...But God does have a plan for you...we are actually thinking about having to do the same thing :( I am a teacher too...but big kids scare me! I teach kinder and they keep me going everyday! Hope you have a great week!

  11. I love how you summarize at the bottom. Sorry about the house. I love your attitude and you are so right...God has a plan & a purpose for it all. I can totally tell that you love your job and it is so neat to see teachers that put their heart into their jobs.

  12. sweet the teens...praying for your home sale. Eager to see God's plan

  13. Your daughter is your mini-me - VERY cute in her uniform.

    So sorry about the house - it might just be a shell, but it's the one you're in & moving will be something more to add to your busy schedule. Here's hoping your new place gives you something to smile about!

  14. We need a that invention for our rambunctious puppy!

    So very sorry to hear about your house. I will pray that it sells quickly and you are settle somewhere else and making new memories very soon!


  15. Those cake pops look and sound divine!
    So sorry about your house...and your knee.