Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 365 Week 6

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It is time once again to let you peek into my week. Go on over to Sara's blog and take a some peeks into other people's weeks too.

Messy Marvin

This is the state of my kitchen after I cook a big meal. I actually closed the refrigerator before I took this...yeah I am horrible.


Poor Baby

My girl is good at math, but she hates it so. Tonight she had to multiply three numbers and she was not happy. I just love the look on her face...really not posed, she was a sad girl.


Hurry Home

Rich is an air traffic controller who just started a new job. It gives him weekends off, but sometimes he has to work weird shifts. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week he worked 4:00 pm to 1:00 am. So I didn't get to see him for about 64 hours, as he was asleep when I went to work, and I was asleep when he got home. It was hard, I felt all out of whack.


Cuddle Bug

Bella and I had some much needed cuddle time on Wednesday (see next picture). She is just so cuddly, I hope that never changes...yeah I know...good luck with that.


Empty Nest...a Preview

Bella and Andrew went with their dad to visit relatives in Los Vegas on Thursday night until Sunday afternoon. I don't like having an empty nest. Thankfully I have a few more years, but they do go by oh so fast.


Don't Leave Me

My School hosted a honors choir festival this weekend. Here are two of my students who participated. They both are Seniors this tear. I have known and sung with Lucy (girl on right) since her sixth grade year. She is one of those gals who listens to everything you say and implements it. I am going to miss her. Rachella has had me for four years and is quiet and mighty. They both are very talented and I will miss them very much.


Samba Guru

Last night Rich and I went to see one of my good friend's band Samba Guru. He is the one at the keyboard. They are an amazing Brazilian band with such talented and generous people. It was a very fun night. You all should go check them out, just click on the link above and be prepared for some fun music.

In summary: I need my peeps all under one roof, this being gone doesn't sit well with me. I need someone to follow me around the kitchen when I cook and just keep me from whacking my head on cabinets. I will miss my seniors very much...I wonder if could just keep them under my roof too?? Who needs college??

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I don't know, my college girl still likes a good cuddle now and then. There's hope.

    The band has a nice sound!

    You're not terrible; you're brave. I wouldn't let anyone see my kitchen after cooking a big meal!

    Enjoyed again!

  2. Empty nest can be tough, but you'll be ok. Nice shots.

  3. Time really does go by too fast. My daughter who has been visiting since mid December leaves on Wednesday. *sigh*
    So yeah, enjoy 'em while you can.
    Fun photos -- and you're braver than I am to post one of your kitchen after cooking :-) Mine could be declared a natural disaster area at that point. lol
    It's hard to let go of those special students, but how fun when they come back and tell you what a difference you've made in their lives. Which I'm sure these two will do :-)

  4. I thought your kitchen looked pretty good....tells you a bit about mine!!! wouldn't it be great to have someone follow behind you and clean up after...all you had to do was cook....a girl can dream!

    I wish I had all my peeps under one roof too, but iChat makes it a bit better!!!

  5. I'm like Sara above, I thought your kitchen looked good. Mine's so bad, I probably wouldn't even show a picture of it. lol

    Have a great week.

  6. I know what you mean about your schedule being off when your sweetie isn't around - I don't know what to do with myself when Dr. M is out of town (or just teaching late for that matter!).

  7. I've tried to post these comments twice. Hmm...

    When I cook I make a huge mess. HUGE! And I HATE to clean up after doing all that cooking. I sure with there was an easier way...
    Sorry you missed your man this week.
    But cuddly little girls are the next best thing.

  8. Hey! You've won a blog award!

    Please, stop by my blog to pick it up.

    Have a great week! - Angie

  9. Your kitchen isn't that bad! Check out my laundry room. I think you need one big cuddle fest when evryone gets home!
    Enjoy your students for the rest of this year! You are giving them more than just the gift of song and theory, but of yourself too. Treasure it!

  10. Again, your relationship with your students amazes me. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Those special students make it all worthwhile.
    Enjoying la musica brazileira as I write :)