Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just an Ordinary Day...Except with Gifts!!

First things first. A couple of comments have asked me questions and if these questions were yours here are the links to answer them...if not...well then...carry on.

Cake pop recipe

The Rich and Amy story one left out detail...our brothers ran into each other in Iowa while we were, unbeknown'st to each other, divorcing in California.

I had a very nice Valentine's Day. Except, really, each and everyday with Rich is like Valentine's Day. He is always attentive, loving, kind, and adores me. Today was no different, except I got gifts!!! Rich got me some pajamas from Victoria's Secret...and no I am talking about real every night pajamas, but I just love VS pajamas. The kids (aka Rich) got me a beautiful heart necklace. My daughter made me a great card. On the front and inside there were the usual cut out hearts, lots of "we love you's" but one of the inside parts was this:

Some explanation:
  1. Rich is the "bad man" Bella has named him this. She says he is a great person, but a bad man. This comes from anytime he would do something she didn't like or would tease her, she would say Rich you are a baaad maaan.

  2. Maggie is "goose"...I could try to explain how Maggie got that nickname, but it would be easier to explain quantum

  3. Bella is booty bongo girl. We watch Phineas and Ferb and they had a show that had a song called Betty Bongos in it. Well one morning I was getting her up and her little booty was sticking up in the air so I started singing and playing the booty bongos....yeah that explanation was a little better than the quantum physics attempt but not much...we are a weird family.

  4. Andrew is Mr. "I need a haircut" He ALWAYS kept his hair buzzed. I was so happy that I didn't have to deal with a hippy boy like all the other boys with their surfer dude looks. Alas he has decided he wants to "grow it out". I am only hoping that he gets sick of it before I do. Clearly Bella has reached her threshold.

  5. But did you notice that they love me so so so so so plus infinity??? That's a lot, I'm telling you.
We had our first open house today, so Rich and I had to vacate the premises. We had a nice lunch at TGIFriday's while watching the Daytona 500. He is not feeling well, I mean to say he is SICK!! Poor guy. Yet he still opened the door for me to get in the car, and anywhere else we went, he still told me how beautiful I was at every turn and I got a couple of whistles, or as Bella would day "Mom, Rich just woot wooed you." Yes even sick the man makes me feel adored.

I will leave you with this picture. This is my niece Abby.

I love this picture for the following reasons a) she is smiling that great big smile b) she has red hair c) she is my niece d) she has her heart footy pajamas on e) she is the cutest thing on the face of this earth.

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day, even if it was just an ordinary day with gifts!!

More later

- A Ro


  1. I love that card! Hope Rich feels better soon (although from how you describe him I'm not sure he CAN get better LOL).