Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Laziness Not Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Today was the Fourth Grade Invention Convention. It is like a Science fair, but instead of vinegar and baking soda volcanoes they made up inventions.

Now as I am pondering my daughters invention I am realizing that the apple did not fall far from the I-hate-to-get-off-my-butt tree. Then I thought about most inventions these days, all are about feeding our lazy sides. I mean after you invent all the necessities of life like electricity, central heat and air, indoor plumbing and the Snuggie, what's left except items that allow us to work less. You've got remote controls, power steering, elevators, microwaves, and the Clapper. We are a society looking to sit on our butts.
These fourth graders really had their finger on the pulse of society.
One Fourth Grader invented the dog bed that has everything a dog would need at a paws reach. Don't think I didn't get ideas on how to set up my bed to look like this. Mini fridge, water cooler, box of books, i-touch, and laptop. Only problem is I would end up just like this poor big as my bed.
Another invented this Sick Shirt. It has all the things you would need if you were ill stuck to your shirt. Kleenex, cough drops, Tylenol, even a tooth brush and hair brush. I am thinking to myself why stop at items you need when you are sick. I need a shirt that Velcros my car keys, phone, lip gloss, and wallet to me. It isn't laziness it is just being prepared.
Now Bella was no different. In fact the word Lazy is even in her title.

Bella's invention is a catapult meant to throw the ball for your dog. When you are sitting on your butt watching TV and the dog wants to play with you all you have to do is train your dog to put the ball in the bowl and you stomp on one end to send the ball flying. So now we can add playing with your dog to the list of things we can sit on our booty to do. The only work you have to do is put your foot down on the one side...oh and train your dog to put a ball in a bowl. Obviously lots of people are looking for an easy way out too. She was totally swamped with visitors. She expressed to me afterwards that being an inventor takes a lot of energy. Standing there giving her pitch to customer after customer was really tiring. I told her that once she makes it big we have an invention that sells your stuff without you even breaking a sweat.

It is called telemarketing. Sign her up she said...

....that's my girl.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I want the sick shirt - oh wait...I already have's called MY PURSE.

  2. Call me a bad mother but I hated the science fair when my kids were in school. Needless to say neither are science majors at uni : ) I might have preferred an invention fair...I relate to the laziness factor. Um I mean the creativity factor.

  3. That was great! I like her invention a lot - right down my alley.

  4. i love these ideas i have been trying to come up with original ideas but i thimk by looking at others i could come up with my own great idea.