Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 365 Week 8

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It's Week 8 of Sara at Make Music With Your Heart's Project 365. Go on over to her blog and check out all of our weeks in pictures.

Here's mine:

Happy Valentine's Day
Here is my girl with her favorite thing from her Valentine's bag. A Club Penguin 30 day membership. She loves penguins and so this on-line site is perfect for her. Of course Andrew got a Valentine's bag too, but he ran screaming when I pulled out my camera. I swear people are going to start wondering where the heck my son went to.

Vocabulary Words Made Easy
Bella has a BIG vocabulary test next week so we made flashcards and played the memory game. She ACTUALLY had fun doing this. Where is my Mother of the Year award, I'm tellin' you??

A Five, Six, Seven, Eight
I realize that my Tuesday pictures for a while have been in this room, with these kids, but it is where I am and this is what is going on. Here they are working on a routine that will eventually include bowler hats. So for today they grabbed what they had just so they would have something in their hands. You'll see shoes, calculators, and folders. One of my students even had her lunch box.

Let the Games Begin
Today was Bella's first soccer practice. It was such a busy afternoon, it is a wonder I made it through without having to drink heavily...ha ha. Don't worry, I did (get through it not drink heavily). However, this is the day that I lose my Mother of the Year Award that I got on Monday.

A Lunch Date
Here are my Thursday lunch buddies. I wrote a post about them here. How do you look at this picture and not smile?? I am one lucky teacher.

Coffee House
Every year our school puts on a student talent show called Coffee House. They decorate the black box theater and students perform songs, skits, poetry, and short stories. It is such a fun evening. Rich and I took Bella, Andrew and his friend Jamo. My students were awesome and I was so proud of each and every one of them.

Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine
So it is late on Saturday evening and I am realizing that I haven't taken a picture today yet. Let me tell you it wasn't that much of a picture worthy day. However, as I am walking around trying to figure out what picture to take Rich is busy cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes all by himself. This is the day I lose the Fiancee of the Year Award. How dare I let him do all the work?? Will he ever forgive me??

In Summary: Yes I still have a son named Andrew...I promise, and I am still engaged even though I am a slacker. Andrew playing baseball and Bella playing soccer will be the death of me. But looking back on this week I realize that even though I work my tail off, I really do have the coolest job ever.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Bella is such a cutie! I should join Club Penguin too. Why haven't I? Hmmm...

    I love the pic of your class & their "bowler hats." Teenagers are so interesting (if you're not raising them - although I guess their mom's think their ok).

    It sounds like this week was a little hard - hopefully next week will be better!

  2. All that in one week?!
    You are SUPER!

  3. There are days I realize I've said my husband cleaned the shower, vacuumed, washed dishes....hmmm? what do I do?

    Your daughter is adorable. I'm sure your son is too : )

  4. I will still give you an award!! :) Great week. Love the choreography shot. What show are you working on?
    Have a super week Amy!!

  5. Don't feel a bit guilty about Rich cleaning up the kitchen! Early on in our marriage Ivan and I were both in college and both working. He'd grown up with a stay-at-home mom who kept things spotless but he quickly learned I expected the housework to be a JOINT project. Once when he made a comment about the kitchen I asked him if his arms were broken. He looked surprised but once he thought it over, he saw my point of view :-) He has since been my #1 helper in and around the house, depending on what else is going on in our life (he took over ALL the cleaning and cooking when I went back to finish college when our kids were little).

    Okay, I'll climb down off my soapbox now :-)

    Enjoyed your photos... can just imagine the kids with bowler hats in hands... empathize completely about kids-in-sports... love, love, love talent nights!... and want to assure you that Andrew will once again allow you to take his photo ---- when he's 30. LOL

  6. A BUSY week, but it looks typical for you. I love that huge window at your sink...beautiful! What does it look out to?

  7. Gotta love a man who helps with the dishes! Great pics!

  8. i am glad to know that my son isn't the only one that runs from the camera.

    i do think that you have a wonderful job, i always tell our choir director that she has the best job ever!

  9. Love the coffee house curtain! So colorful!!
    Your job sounds so fun.

  10. Your students look to be having so much fun and your little girl is so cute.

  11. Oh my kids love Club Penguin and want to be members so bad. I will have to check into it.
    We know all about Soccer practices and games. Love that sport!
    Great coffee house. I would have loved to sounds very cool.

  12. I've been married to a man who does the dishes for 27 years. I have totally gotten over feeling bad when I see him at the kitchen sink!


  13. Happy students = Great teacher. ;) Your Bella is such a cutie. And you gotta just love a man in the kitchen!