Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project 365 Week 8

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Can you believe we are almost in March?? For me, being a school teacher, my year really starts in September and WOW has this year flown by!! For a peek at my week see below, for a peek at everyone else's week go on over to Sara's blog and check them out.

Food Glorious Food

This was a very good "keeper" dinner. We had never done ka-bobs before, I know crazy. However, I had two chicken breasts and one steak so we just skewered them up along with some veggie ones and Rich grilled them. They were so good. I also made a batch of asparagus risotto, and you know what they say about asparagus...oh never mind. Wow it was a good meal. For the record I don't think that I could go a week without a food shot, so much of my week is spent cooking!!


Too Much Time On Their Hands

These 8th graders had WAY too much time on their hands and had WAY too much fun. During one of their free periods they built a ramp out of music stands and put an "X" with tape on one of their heads and tried to roll a small water bottle down the ramp to hit the "X". They had so much fun and laughed a lot!!

Impatient Pooch

This funny puppy was sitting in his car when we went to get frozen yogurt. Bella loves this picture, mostly because she loves dogs. I was so afraid that the owner was going to come out while I was taking this picture.

Maggie, My Personal Trainer

This is how close my dog Maggie was to me as I was stretching after doin' The Shred. She wouldn't leave be alone. I had to keep shooing her away. Don't worry Jillian no "phoning it in" for me with the Magster around.



We went to dinner at Red's BBQ and this is my proof that Andrew, my son, still exists. If you look REAL close you can actually see that he got his hair buzzed...finally. Of course my Bella is always in the mood for a picture.


My school had its "winter" party tonight. It was a luau. I got to hang out with Rich and my classroom mate and friend Lisa and her boyfriend Chris. We had a lot of fun. It is an odd thing not drinking and watching people you work with let loose. It is a real good social event for us all. It is fun to hang out with people who you don't always see everyday.

P.S. Geez, I need to get my haircut!!

"Mom, Phineas and Ferb are Making a Title Sequence"

Today my picture represents relaxing and just doin' not much of anything. Bella and I love watching Phineas and Ferb together and they had a new episode on today. If you haven't seen this cartoon, you gotta watch. It cracks me up!!

In Summary: I love to cook and I don't care who knows it!! I do have a son and now I can prove it. Dogs are just so funny, especially mine. Eighth graders are just like you me just more "inventive"... But mostly, I love hanging with my girl and you are NEVER too old for cartoons.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. What is it with dogs and The Shred? I'm always dodging mine during the workout. Maybe she doesn't like the sound of Jillians voice either : )

  2. great words to wrap up your week. i have proof that i have a son too this week, i got some photos that he couldn't back out of, :D you and i have alot in common, we love teenagers, love hanging out with our daughters, our sons hide from the camera and we love food. i have made a vow to not take food photos for 40 days...i'm halfway into it. :/

  3. I see we are complete opposites in that I grew up in California, but am now in Iowa. LOL

    My son tolerates me taking pictures, but it's next to impossible to get him to smile in them.

    I love the creative 8th graders. So funny!!

  4. I was just thinking your hair has grown a lot - but I don't think that's a bad thing - it looks good! Your kabobs look really good! If the snow ever melts we might get to grill again. Someday...

  5. Love risotto - For a one dish meal, next time, add some crab to it in the final 10 minutes of cooking to warm through.




  6. those kabobs looks fabulous!!!

    and your dog looks just like my Lily!!! what a sweet face!!!

    tell you son, he must give us one picture so we can "meet" him! :)

    oh, the shred.....ouch.

  7. We know Phineas and Ferb quite well in our house. :) Jasmine gets in my face when exercising at home, too. Such a sweet picture of your pooch. Great week!

  8. When are you having us all for dinner? Looks delicious! And to be able to go outside and grill right now makes me jealous! :)
    My puppy atacks me while I'm Shredding. I have to give him a special treat to work on once I hit the floor or he chews my arms and hands to pieces!
    So good to see you do have a son! What is it with older boys and not wanting to be photographed?
    Have a great week Amy!!

  9. Good idea, 8th graders!! :) I think that's great.
    Maggie is cracking me up. She's making dang sure you've got actual beads of sweat to show for all that hard work you were doing. Dogs are so funny.

  10. Fun with food, dogs, kids, students, friends, your man=all good!