Monday, February 22, 2010


Have you ever wondered where Pig Latin originated?? I am sure that really hasn't crossed your mind in awhile, as other life pondering questions have taken over. Well I did in conjunction with writing this post, so I did a little research. However the author of the site I found lost me at " first the idea was to simply amuse using puns Latin endings appended to English roots" but if you are suddenly curious and have a couple of hours to blow here is her site.

I didn't think so...

My theory was it was started with a group of teenagers who were bored and wanted to pull one over on the adults. Just like when I was in junior high my group of friends started, what we called, "elf" language. It was simple. You put the word elf before any vowel sound. So my name Amy would be elf-a-melf-e. And saying Good Morning would be Gelf-ood Melf-or-nelfing.

Wow that really brings back memories, and not all of them good I might add. Like those awful glasses and braces and really digging this guy who I though was nerdy enough to like nerdy old me but clearly I was a level of nerdy he wouldn't touch, because he didn't give me the time of day...sigh.


My daughter is trying to be the next developer of a non-existent language. However, hers is a bit more subtle and is going to be WAY harder to master.

It all started with Rich. He has been making funny faces at her when he sees her. She has decided that he is trying to communicate with her, and that they have now developed their own language.
Here is a picture of them "communicating". BTW's this picture may or may not have been taken at our favorite restaurant, Reds. And we may or may not have gone there because mama didn't not want to cook chili after soccer practice, cleaning up after a sick dog, and a long days work.
This was her first attempt at telling me I love you in her new language, however, after seeing the picture she said that her nose wasn't scrunched enough so we had to try again.

This clearly is better. Thank goodness for the clarification. We wouldn't want to offend anyone. I just hope people don't start to think she is having a stroke and innocent medics get involved.

She tells me that I'll never know what they are saying.

I'm thinkin' neither will Rich.

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. It must be so much fun to just hang around your house :)