Thursday, February 18, 2010

Juliette and Eliza

I have two Seventh Grade students who grace me with their presence every Thursday during their lunch. They not only have to traverse the campus to get to my room, they also give up eating lunch with their giggly, gossipy, fun friends to come eat with this 40 year old music teacher who doesn't remember how to giggle or know who Justin Bieber is currently dating. But they come anyway.

It makes my day.

Here are some of the things that get discussed:
  • Hair cuts
  • We complain that there isn't enough stuffing in the regular Oreos.
  • Juliette talks about her nephew whom she lovingly refers to as "Fatty", sometimes she draws pictures of him on my white board.
  • Eliza tells us about living in Maine and how much she misses it.
  • Why does Juliette saves her chips for last? Because they take the longest to eat.
  • We tell Juliette how much we miss her in choir.
  • Juliette tells us how she would rather be in choir than her mandated computer class.
  • I tell her that learning about computers is very important
  • We come up with ideas on ways to deal with mean girls and cute boys.
  • The dress code and how Eliza's hot lime shoes haven't gotten her in trouble yet.
  • Eliza and I try to convince Juliette that tomatoes are very very bad for you.
  • Why Juliette has to take Chinese because she already speaks Spanish and French
  • Eliza tells us how hard it is to be the child of a celebrity
  • Juliette tells us how hard it is to be the child of a teacher at her school.
  • That Eliza's brother will tell her he loves her only on Tuesdays
  • Complaining about how peanut butter sandwiches get stuck in your braces
  • Old songs we sang last year in choir and how "young" they were.
OK I guess I do giggle a little, but I still have no idea who Justin Bieber is dating.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. that sounds so fun! now you must tell us who the celebrity parent is??? lol. :D

  2. This is a great thing - I think you're a good role model - hopefully they'll keep in touch even after they move to another school.

    I need some lime shoes - I'm all about lime these days!