Monday, February 15, 2010

The One Where I Decide to Leave My Daughter More Stuff Than My Son In My Will

I have to start off with a question to all four 1/2 of you. Lets just say I post a post, and then while reading said post I find that I left out a comma, or put the word "day" instead of "say", hypothetically of course because we all know how diligent and meticulous I am. But just for the sake of argument I did that and then fix it and re post. Does it show up in your blog feed each time I re post?? This is really important because I need to know how carefully I should proof read before I post, cause if there is something I hate more than tomatoes, celery, freeway looky-loos, and moving it is proof reading.

Thank you and now back to the regularly scheduled post:

Running errands with both kids in the backseat makes for trouble great conversation.

Now it is a true alignment of the stars to actually have both kids in my car when I am running errands. Andrew is now old enough to stay home with Bella when I need to run a few errands, and for some reason she would rather stay at home and play Club Penguin than walk endlessly through grocery store aisles because her mom can't seem to put a coherent grocery list together....hmmm.

Anyway one of today's errands was to get Andrew new shoes so he had to go, although he would probably try to convince me that he didn't actually need to be there I could just take an old shoe and estimate....did I mention he hates going out on errands too? He just knows me too well, we go out for shoes and end up at Target for hours.

So I load both kids up in the car, along with Rich, because, according to Bella, Rich likes to be wherever I am...(did I mention how much I love that man)?? Did I also mention that none of us have school or work today?

On our way home from our errands we start talking about having a garage sale. If you know me you know I hate garage sales. If you don't know me and want the top 10 reasons why I hate garage sales you can check out my I Hate Garage Sales post. But we probably are going to have to have one because of our upcoming move/downsizing/pain in my butt.

Here is how this conversation went:

Mom: (testing out my daughter voice) Should we sell your bike Bella?

Bella: (sad voice) I really don't want to learn how to ride a bike, so I guess we should sell it.

Andrew: (voice of reason voice) C'mon Bella you are going to want to know how to ride a bike someday.

Bella: (snotty little sister voice) What do you think...I am going to enter the Bicycle Olympics.

I kid you not, that is what she said...

Andrew: (sarcastic older brother voice) Good thinking Bella 'cause the only time you will EVER want to ride a bike would be the Bicycle Olympics...whatever that is? You are going to want a bike when you go to college because all your friends will have one and want you to go too.

Bella: I won't mind because I will have my mom.

awwww, I love her most!!!

Andrew: C'mon Bella we all know that in 3 years you will want nothing to do with your mom.


Me: (slapped in the face voice) Do you realize that I am in the car and can hear you?

Andrew: You know its true, mom, about the age of 13 is when it happens.

Bella: I will always want my mom.

awwww, I love her most!!!

Andrew: What about your friends?

Bella: What if my friends are mean to me.

Me: (hurt mom voice) Wait a minute...So Andrew what you are saying is you want nothing to do with your mom anymore?

Andrew: You know that it is only GIRLS that feel that way.

that boy of mine is a VERY quick thinker...

Me: Ah yes of course.

Andrew better be careful or he will end up with a little neon sticker on him with $.25 on it... just kidding, I love him more than my Kitchen Aid Mixer.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I have posted something and then because I'm a little OCD about grammar/spellling I notice a small error and quickly go back to hit edit. My daughter says she doesn't see it twice if I hit post a second (or third) time. However, last week she did something similar on her blog and I saw a post but when I clicked on to read it said it wasn't there. I think it may depend how people read your blog. But...who am I kidding...I am not the person to ask for technical advice.

  2. I think it does show up twice in Google reader. When that happens I just read the most recent one. My blog automatically emails a copy of new posts to a few people (Dr. M, my dad, etc.). They don't get two emails if I edit it - they just get the original defective post.

    I think the idea of putting a sticker on Andrew is really hilarious - but maybe he could be worth just a LITTLE more?