Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The One Where You Roll Your Eyes About Half Way Through

It is days like this that really do me in. Here is a recap, so you can leave me a comment and say "Aw poor baby" or "Buck it up" or rub your fingers together and say "Here is the worlds smallest violin playing your sad sad song" or "Would you like a little cheese with that wine" Really, anything you pick will work just fine.

It is days like today where I have no idea how working mothers with MORE than two kids do it.

4:30 - Up doing the level 3 of the 30 day shred...I know what was I thinking?

5:15 - Showering and getting ready

5:45 - Trying disparately to make lunches and breakfast so that I am not late. Not to mention making sure the house is presentable. Since we are trying to sell it, it probably shouldn't look like Neanderthals live here, not that there is anything wrong with Neanderthals...actually I have no idea how they live, it just sounded good. Thankfully Rich took care of the bed and the dishwasher...

6:10 - Out the door to pick up the kids from dad.

6:40 - Coffee Bean in Hand Gather kids and head to school.

6:50 - Get to school and start the process of trying to hustle the kids out of the car. I am not kidding they take FOREVER to get out of the car. I know...right??

7:00 - Zero block class, vocal to sing some old jazz standards and hear some solos on "Somebody to Love" I hate picking solos, I have a hard time picking one student over another especially when they are of equal abilities.

7:50 - Finish rehearsal and to faculty room for some quick copies.

8:00 - Subbing for a homeroom

8:05 - Throw chairs around room to set up for my Upper School Chorus

8:10 - Upper School Chorus rehearsal, more solo picking, more of the guilty feelings.

9:40 - Finish rehearsal and quickly check e-mail, put out a few fires, and quickly fill up my To-Do list.

9:50 - First Sixth Grade Chorus class, gave them the bad news about the quiz on Monday, I know a quiz in music could I??

10:30 - Go to the bathroom, and I only had 7 minutes to get to bathroom and re-set up for next class...yes I made it, c'mon you doubted me??

10:37 - Second Sixth Grade Chorus class, they are a class behind, so they didn't get the quiz they still like me!!

11:20 - Finally sat down for the first time since 4:30, well except the car ride, and man it felt good.

11:45 - Ate lunch while I trolled some blogs.

12:30 - 1:45 - It is amazing how this time fills up so fast. Copying, preparing for rehearsals, grading papers, answering e-mails, arranging kids schedules, random student interactions. OK a little chatting with colleagues.

1:50 - Set up for Middle School Chorus

1:55 - Middle School Chorus.

2:45 - Grab a quick snack of oranges and biscotti

3:00 - Upper School musical rehearsal.

4:15 - Rush out of school with Bella, change in car (her not me) and head off to soccer.

5:00 - Soccer, spilling Caffeine Free Diet Coke on my beach chair, so had to stand for most of practice...did I mention how tired I was and how much my feet hurt by this time.

6:00 - Back home, thankfully Rich got off early so he could go pick up Andrew from baseball so I didn't have to head BACK to school to get him...30 minutes away.

6:15 - Starting dinner

6:45 - Eating dinner

7:10 - Cleaning up dinner, staring homework with Bella and checking some e-mail, and I may or may not have checked Facebook.

8:00 - Wednesday night ice cream, and I may or may not have had a cup of soft serve with rainbow sprinkles.

8:30 - Sitting here complaining blogging.

Thank you oh so very much for letting me vent and I hope we are still friends.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Bless your heart, girl! You had me exhausted by 8... am.

  2. Oh my word...I'm with H-Mama! Have yourself a nap this weekend!

  3. Um, let's see.

    5:52 alarm goes off
    6:22 I finally shut it off & get up
    8:00 eating breakfast at my desk
    8:30 - 5:00 doing practically diddly squat at work (my job is pretty slow).
    5:00 leave for home
    6:00 get home & eat dinner (that hopefully Dr. M has prepared)
    6:30 - 11:00 FB, blogs, read, maybe do dishes (MAYBE).

    Yeah, you are allowed to hate me. Heh.